“In the old days, if a consumer wanted more information on a product or service, they would have to call up a business and speak to a salesperson – irrespective of whether were ready to make a purchase.”

In this exclusive interview, Dan Tyre – HubSpot’s first ever salesperson – provides his insight into the Inbound Sales methodology and why it – as a strategy – is what businesses today should be utilising to attract, engage and sell to prospects.

To actually sell effectively today, salespeople need to help and educate prospects.

Cold calling and outbound marketing and sales methods are quickly losing their effectiveness, and instead of pestering prospects, salespeople need to provide value at every stage of the buyer’s journey.

Marketing and sales today is more about building relationships and less about selling a product – especially as most businesses have an average of 21 competitors, all offering similar products and services!

With this considered, salespeople have to position themselves as a trusted confidant and advisor, and help prospects to explore options available to solve their business problems.

Salespeople have to understand what customers want and provide them with potential solutions. If they are able to do so, they will no doubt be able to grow their business.


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