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B2B Marketing Lab
B2B Marketing Lab

Two of the largest international HubSpot Partners
have merged

The B2B Marketing Lab and MPULL.

A full-service digital business consultancy.

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"I want to congratulate The B2B Marketing Lab and MPULL on these exciting achievements, as separate companies, both of these partners have had such a positive impact on the customers they've supported. Together, they'll be able to take that support to the next level. This is great news for our partner community and our customers."

Brian Halligan, CEO and co-founder of HubSpot


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How does the merger benefit B2B Marketing Lab?

B2BML gains a considerable amount of technical and development expertise as a result of the merger. MPULL were already supporting B2BML with technical integration and website development work, so bringing everyone onto the same team will prove hugely beneficial to all parties.

How does the merger benefit MPULL?

The merger is a huge step forward for MPULL’s international expansion, gaining “boots on the ground” in terms of having a business that is active in the UK, Europe and Singapore. The next objective is to extend the joint venture activities for the new Huble Digital brand to include North America in the coming year.

Will the two operate as separate companies?

The two companies will merge operations as quickly and seamlessly as possible. However, the two businesses operate in two different geographies, so we will continue to have separate trading companies. The existing management teams will stay in place, but we expect to see some internationalisation of the teams as we align the business.

How will the brands be integrated?

We will integrate the existing ITPR Group brands of ITPR, B2BML and BFO International under the Huble Digital brand, bringing in MPULL as a wholly owned subsidiary that will then become a key part of Huble Digital. This new combined business will provide HubSpot Elite Partner level support from our locations in London, Singapore, Southern Germany and South Africa.

What is Huble Digital?

Huble Digital is a full-spectrum, international digital business & marketing consultancy. We’re positioned as the digital business & marketing consultancy for large Enterprise and the mid-market. The business has the expertise to develop and execute high-performing marketing, sales and customer service strategies.

Will the business continue to expand?

Huble Digital will expand through both acquisition and joint venture. We anticipate being present in the USA this year, followed by expansion into APAC, Europe and North America. Our goal is to reach US$25 million and 250 employees with an organisation that can deliver quality business consulting services that help organisations to grow and scale.

What is the business mission?

We are determined to be the international trusted advisor of choice for ‘scale-up’ and ‘grow up’ enterprise and mid-market organisations across a range of B2B and B2C sectors. Rapidly growing organisations need clearly defined guidance and support from trusted advisors.

What role does HubSpot play in the new business?

A HubSpot Elite Solutions Provider, Huble Digital, is the largest provider of HubSpot software consultancy, CRM integration, CMS web development, application development & integration, implementation & onboarding consulting services in EMEA, having more successful HubSpot implementations than any other Solutions Provider.

How will the merger affect the company’s services?

The main effect of the merger will be our ability to provide our clients with a wider range of services from within our own team of consultants and technical advisors. More service, more people to deliver those services and more technical consulting advice.

Will the merger affect any work currently being undertaken by the team?

No, it’s very much business as usual. The merger will simply extend and improve the range and quality of services that we can offer from within our own resources. Account management and HubSpot technical expertise will have more resources along with technical and integration services.

I’m an existing customer! Will there be changes to my account manager or delivery team?

No. We’ll be adding resources and recruiting more people in London and in South Africa, but your support team and key point of contact will remain the same. Our future growth will allow us to have more people who are local to you and with whom you can meet and review activities on a face-to-face basis.

Will any costs change as a result?

We do not expect our service costs to change. We will continue to provide the highest levels of service and dedicated support for our customers.

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