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We’re always looking for ambitious businesses who understand the world is changing, and are driven to adapt and thrive. Take the next step and book a call with our team.

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Adding wings to the buyer’s journey of a leading data aviation company

Critical user journey mapping, UX optimisation, and web design

OAG, a global travel data provider, engaged Huble for help rebuilding and optimising their home page from the ground up. 

As one of the oldest data aviation companies, OAG has a heritage of providing highly robust and information-rich datasets for multiple industries. But their home page failed to reflect their status as leading travel data experts. Another problem: their home page didn’t do enough to highlight their core offering, leading to a rocky buyer’s journey and missed opportunities to convert customers. 

To solve these issues and generate more business through their website, OAG needed a strategy-obsessed HubSpot partner with expertise in web design, user experience (UX), and crafting effective customer journeys. They found their ideal partner in Huble.

The challenge

We audited OAG’s website and found that their home page wasn’t designed with the right critical user journey in mind. The critical user journey represents the key interactions that visitors require before they can become customers. In this case, visitors needed to learn more about OAG’s offerings and they needed help figuring out where to go and what to do on the website.  

The home page look and feel also required updating. While OAG had developed slick branding and a gorgeous corporate identity, the home page featured a blocky and visually busy layout that made it difficult to navigate and read. Bright colours, for instance, were used to distinguish between modules — making it difficult for readers to process information. Apart from needing UX improvements, OAG’s visual language failed to convey their position as data experts. 

After looking ‘beneath the hood’, our front-end development team discovered that the template OAG was using didn’t follow coding best practices. This made it difficult to scale and maintain, especially for OAG’s non-technical team members. 

Overcoming these challenges required restructuring, redesigning, and re-coding their home page.

The solution

Before developing our project strategy and action plan, we needed to understand OAG’s clients, including their buyer’s journey and how they interacted with OAG’s website. This involved interviewing OAG’s marketing team, looking at session data, and analysing heat maps to see how users were behaving on the home page. 

All this detective work enabled us to answer the questions: ‘what information does a website visitor need before they’re willing to become a customer? And how do we put the right information in front of new visitors?’

Streamlined UX for new and returning customers

With our research in hand, we mapped the ideal critical user journey for the home page. To ensure a seamless user experience and easy navigability, we recreated the website menu to better help visitors find the information they needed. 

Under our new user journey, visitors are given a greater opportunity to learn about OAG’s offering and what datasets could be used to solve their problems. Unlike the original page, which pushed visitors to book a call with a sales rep, the primary call-to-action for the new homepage is to get users to access a dataset that would fit their needs. Reflecting this, we added a module to spotlight their most popular datasets. Qualified leads and visitors who identified their desired datasets were then invited to speak to a representative or request a data sample. 

We worked with OAG to improve their copy with stronger, clearer ‘action words’ to guide users through their buyer’s journey. We also reworked and added or removed several modules. For example, we positioned OAG as industry leaders by adding testimonials and the logos of OAG’s most prominent clients to the social proof section of the home page.

Helping an industry leader look the part

Our design goals included presenting OAG as data experts and creating a page that is intuitive, elegant, and easy to read. As we’ve mentioned, OAG has excellent branding. Instead of changing their brand, our designs created a consistent visual language that is still true to the original. 

Our approach involved selecting imagery and creating bespoke iconography and illustrations that represented OAG’s expertise and their offering. We also reduced ‘visual noise’ by restricting the use of colour to CTA buttons, interactive elements, and accents that highlighted critical information. Visitors to the home page can now understand which actions they can take by looking at how colour is used. Animations were added to the page to maintain reader attention and make the page more dynamic. 

To ensure consistency across the website, we created a digital style guide and updated their branding documents to reflect their new visual language. 

Clean code that anyone can update

After looking at how the home page was built, we decided it was faster and less complex to rebuild it from scratch. This was to our advantage, as it meant we could build the page to make it simpler for OAG’s marketing team to update in the CMS. 

The results

The critical user journey we identified was spot on, with visitors behaving as we had expected, demonstrating a much cleaner UX path. As heatmap data shows, most visitors need to explore OAG’s datasets before they consider speaking to a representative. Reflecting this data, we saw the following results on the home page: 

- 36% increase in traffic to the “All Datasets” page (the page users need to go to find a the dataset they need)

- Total bounce rate dropped to 57%


Huble OAG stat 1

Heatmaps showing the success of the new critical user journey

Old home page vs. New home page


300 %

increase in new contacts created from the “All Datasets” page

280 %

increase in form submissions on the “All Datasets” page

17 %

drop in bounce rates on the dataset page due to better quality traffic

OAG data set 2


Significantly, our solutions succeeded in overcoming every challenge:

- From the heading copy to the customer testimonials, all elements work together to position OAG as a world-leading data aviation company.

- The page features a clean design that helps create delightful user experiences and a seamless buyer’s journey.

- The page is coded according to best practices, making it easy for OAG’s marketing team to update and maintain.


This has been our first engagement with Huble and we are delighted with the results so far. Their expertise have allowed us to identify our key customer journey and produce a beautiful, optimised website - all of which has resulted in a better customer experience. We can't wait to get started on the next phase of the project!

Lewis Harper

Director of Digital Marketing & Demand Generation, OAG

Preparing for a rapid ascent

We rebuilt OAG’s home page as the first step of a larger engagement to update their entire website. Following a Growth-Driven Design approach, our successes building the home page will be scaled across the website. 

So, instead of rebuilding each page, we’ll draw from a bank of tested and client-approved modules and designs, all tied together with consistent, customer-centric messaging and a unified code base. 

Having already achieved such strong results, we’re looking forward to helping OAG reach ever greater heights.