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We’re always looking for ambitious businesses who understand the world is changing, and are driven to adapt and thrive. Take the next step and book a call with our team.

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Zivver's journey to enhanced SEO and website performance

How Huble empowered Zivver to transform their SEO strategy and optimise their website for conversions


Optimising Zivver's website and landing pages

When Zivver engaged with Huble, they were facing several key business challenges.

Zivver's website was initially launched quickly without proper QA testing and functionality considerations. This resulted in various bugs, missing features, and a lack of optimal user experience, optimisation for SEO, and conversion rate optimisation (CRO). 

Zivver was hoping to work with a company that would review their existing website and identify opportunities to fix the technical errors, as well as opportunities to improve the content.
For content optimisation, their primary goals included increasing website conversion rates, building awareness of Zivver in the UK, and optimising the website for e-commerce sales in English-speaking countries. 

Their modules were also not very flexible or user-friendly due to time constraints during the development phase of their existing website.

Additionally, Zivver had multiple landing pages for different paid media programs, which posed challenges in terms of managing and maintaining consistency across these pages.

They sought a streamlined approach to easily update and optimise landing pages without duplicating efforts.

Zivver's old home page

Zivver's old home page


Solving challenges through growth-driven design

To solve these challenges, Huble's SEO, website development, and marketing teams assisted Zivver with content creation, keyword research, technical optimisations, and content optimisations tailored to target relevant keywords and improve search visibility.

The focus was on attracting the right traffic to the site, increasing Zivver's conversions on their product pages.

Technical fixes focused on the site health of the website, including broken pages or images that were causing a negative user experience, ensuring a sufficient amount of links to keep visitors on the site for longer, and compressing images to ensure a faster page load speed. 

To improve the content on the website, Huble first focused on reviewing keywords, and page content. After identifying the site’s top priority web pages, an optimisation plan was made for each priority page.

Huble's SEO team also engaged with the client and provided comprehensive training to Zivver's internal team regarding the technical errors that were found, ensuring they would not be repeated in the future, and sharing templates of key points to consider when creating content for the site. These steps helped empower them to make improvements themselves. 

The (limited) time allocated to the SEO team was efficiently utilised by implementing SEO recommendations to the site, such as on-page optimisations, which the client implemented with Huble's support and training allowing Huble to focus on other SEO tasks. 

Additionally, Huble’s marketing and web development teams assisted with a growth-driven design approach for Zivver’s website development. 

This iterative and data-driven approach to website design and development focuses on continuous improvement and flexibility, allowing Huble to remain agile yet strategic with its website development work.

Zivver's new home page

Zivver's new home page

The growth-driven design work by Huble focused on four key areas:

  • Bug fixes and functionality improvements: Huble identified and addressed numerous bugs and functional issues on Zivver's website that were missed during the initial website launch. This involved fixing issues such as styling problems on password pages, form field overlaps, footer alignment, pricing page display, and more.

  • Conversion rate optimisation: Huble focused on optimising Zivver's website to improve conversion rates and user experience. They implemented strategic elements and improvements aligned with CRO best practices. This involved enhancing CTAs, optimising demo forms to streamline the conversion process, and improving the on-page user experience.

  • Customisation and additional functionality: Huble added new features and functionalities to Zivver's website based on their requirements and strategic objectives. This included integrating live chat functionality to enhance customer engagement and provide a more personalised experience. Additionally, Huble worked on e-commerce enhancements to optimise the purchasing process and improve the overall online shopping experience.

  • Landing page management and efficiency: Huble developed a centralised solution using HubSpot's HubDB table to manage keywords across Zivver's landing pages. This streamlined the process of managing multiple landing pages for different paid media programs and ensured consistency while targeting specific keywords.


The impact on Zivver's website performance

212 %

growth in keyword ranking

50 %

improvement of Zivver's site health score

43 %

increase in organic contacts

Huble's engagement with Zivver yielded significant results across multiple fronts. The key achievements include:

  • SEO performance: Zivver's keyword ranking improved substantially, with a growth of 212%. The site's technical health also improved, as reflected by a 50% improvement in site health score.

  • Increased organic traffic: The implementation of SEO optimisations resulted in a notable increase in organic traffic to Zivver's website. The organic traffic reached its highest point in January 2023 compared to the previous months, demonstrating improved visibility and online presence.

  • Conversion rate optimisation: By focusing on CRO strategies and providing ongoing support, Huble helped Zivver achieve increased conversions from organic traffic. The optimised website and targeted SEO efforts contributed to improved user experience and higher conversion rates with organic contacts increasing by 43%.

Working with Huble has been a game-changer for our SEO strategy. Their expertise, transparent approach, and dedication to educating our team have empowered us to make significant improvements ourselves. With their guidance, we have seen remarkable growth in keyword rankings, organic traffic, and conversions. Huble truly understands our unique needs and has become a valuable partner in our digital journey.

Robert Hartley

Head of Digital Marketing, Zivver

Who is Zivver?

Zivver is an international B2B/SaaS company headquartered in the Netherlands, with operations in the UK, US, and Belgium, specialising in providing secure email solutions to industries such as healthcare, the public sector, financial services, legal, and education. 

With a mission to be the trusted secure email and file transfer provider for over 1 billion users, Zivver aims to ensure secure digital communications through its platform in a world where content matters.

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