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We’re always looking for ambitious businesses who understand the world is changing, and are driven to adapt and thrive. Take the next step and book a call with our team.

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The Huble Digital team created a campaign that boosted the profile of Volta Data Centres, cutting through the industry noise and raising brand awareness.


... become the best-known data centre in London?

Operating in an already crowded market, Volta wanted to position themselves at the forefront of colocation data centres in Central London.

The plan would have to focus on Volta’s key selling points - such as their unique power ring supply, unrivalled resilience tactics, massive capacity and 100% uptime SLA guarantee. 

Volta were also in need of a new website (which needed to be designed and built from the ground up) and new content that described the business offering clearly and concisely.

All of this had to be included within a PR & Marketing strategy that would increase Volta’s website traffic and attract, engage and convert new visitors.


... a slick new website and create engaging, unique content.

Before implementing the joint PR & Marketing campaign, the Huble Digital team created a brand-new website with supporting content for Volta.

To do this, the team held workshops with Volta’s business leaders to hone Volta’s proposition and business offerings. The website design, build and content creation took place over 90 days. 

During this preparation phase, the Huble Digital PR team also created thought leadership articles for PR, and eBooks & case studies that would be available as downloadable content when the new Volta website was launched.

At launch, the PR and Marketing support kicked in, with additional activity via social media providing further amplification.

The overarching goals were to increase website traffic and engagement with Volta content.

“We needed to capitalise on our unique capabilities.”

Volta had some aggressive sales targets and were ready to expand their capacity onto additional floors of their facility. This would unlock 1000s of additional square feet for their already popular data centre.

As the only data centre that is truly located in central London, Volta wanted to get this message across to all its key audiences. 

Furthermore, they had invested heavily in two separate diverse power rings within London’s upgraded 33kV network, ensuring a superior level of resilience that allowed them to offer a 100% uptime service level agreement (SLA), as standard. 

The campaign needed to drive key these messages, and others, across different earned, owned and shared media channels.


... the Volta team onboard with HubSpot.

To successfully and accurately measure the impact of PR and Marketing, the Huble team used a combination of HubSpot Analytics and Google Analytics to provide quarterly impact reports. These reports showed the results of PR, Marketing and Social Media by month.

Impact was determined by the growth of social channels; new website visitors; referral traffic from targeted PR and Marketing channels; the number of eBook downloads; and how each Lead was nurtured into a Marketing Qualified Lead.

Also, regular content creation –– eBooks, blogs, thought leadership, social media –– allowed the Huble team to build a content marketing strategy that yielded results. 

Finally, a detailed funnel analysis (which tracked progress and showed in detail how the website was becoming an extension of Volta’s sales and marketing team) was provided to Volta quarterly.





new website visitors generated from London



VIP media placements


publications actively engaged with the brand


of new website visits from social media

Jon Arnold

Managing Director

“We enjoy working with Huble Digital because we respect their honest approach and their great skill at mixing content, media opportunities and managing our brand awareness to achieve our goal of raising the awareness of our data centre.”