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We’re always looking for ambitious businesses who understand the world is changing, and are driven to adapt and thrive. Take the next step and book a call with our team.

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Learn how we helped Bupa, an international healthcare provisioning and multi-insurance group, to redefine their lead management processes, bring seven discrete systems together and make the best use of their HubSpot platform.


... optimise our lead management processes using our existing tech stack and HubSpot?

Due to having several systems in place – Adobe Analytics, Microsoft Dynamics, SiteCore, Goldmine, SASI, Swan and HubSpot – Bupa’s main issue was obtaining a consistent and clear view of lead generation activity.

At every stage of the funnel, the numbers were different, and for some stages there was no information at all. 

Consequently, as leads were being generated, the marketing team had no way to know how, when, where and what leads were moving further into the buyer’s journey and becoming customers. 

So not only was there a lack of visibility into leads generated and customers closed, the lead management process itself was incomplete.


... Bupa’s lead management processes using HubSpot

To resolve these issues, we proposed overhauling Bupa’s current lead management processes. This started with a lead management workshop to understand Bupa’s goals, including lead stage definitions and handover criteria.

Following the lead management workshop, we helped Bupa’s analytics team to get these new processes integrated into their HubSpot platform (this included creating custom fields, setting up new email templates and workflows, building out deal pipelines for each region Bupa operates in and setting up reporting dashboards). 

We also helped Bupa to set up a brand-new form API to accurately capture contact data and store it in HubSpot. This was because their previous contact API was storing information incorrectly. 

Finally, we created detailed region-specific reports for Bupa’s marketing and sales teams and attribution reports. The regional reports contained everything from deals created to lead sources, while the attribution reports enabled Bupa’s marketing team to attribute conversions to specific marketing/sales efforts.

“We needed complete, end-to-end visibility of our lead nurturing and management.”

Without being able to see when and where leads were generated, as well as how they moved through the buyer’s journey, it was incredibly difficult for Bupa’s marketing and sales teams to know when to hand over leads, nurture them or identify when they were most likely to become customers. 

They wanted to – and needed to – consolidate their activities and create a single, consistent lead management process that was repeatable and scalable across all of their systems.


... Bupa to get the most out of HubSpot

Bupa’s HubSpot platform played a crucial role in bringing everything together, ultimately becoming the “single source of truth” that was required.

With the lead management processes built out in HubSpot – and HubSpot integrated with the other systems – Bupa had a central location where information was stored correctly and in real time. 

The reports also enabled Bupa to “fill in the gaps” and identify exactly where leads were in their sales funnel and what channels were generating the most value for the business.



discrete systems together.


30 +

reporting dashboards set up with 100+ custom reports


new systems now connected to Bupa's tech stack

50 +

Bupa team members trained on the tool



“Thanks to the work done by Huble Digital, we now have a consistent and repeatable lead management process. The reports they have set up have given us the clarity we need and enabled us to visualise our entire sales funnel.”