Blue Group wanted to use HubSpot and new content to turn their multiple websites into search engine optimised, lead-generating machines to attract and convert more website visitors. 


... generate more leads?

Prior to working with Huble Digital, Blue Group had three websites that were not optimised for lead generation or search engines.

These websites promoted different solutions; there was no unified focus and each website had its own templates and styles.

Blue Group was also looking for support deploying HubSpot’s marketing automation software and integrating it into their existing website set up. This required very specific expertise – but before all of this could take place, the websites needed to be reviewed in line with best practice.


... Blue Group on the map.

The Huble Digital team started by onboarding HubSpot Marketing Hub. This included creating landing pages, email templates and ensuring the blog was set up correctly. 

Having implemented HubSpot, the team then devised a content strategy. This strategy involved high-quality, informative content for every stage of the buyer’s journey to attract people to the website and convert them into leads.

To amplify the website and content further, the team promoted across specific social media channels, amplifying Blue Group’s reach. This resulted in a 180% increase in Twitter followers and generated 237 new contacts via social channels.

"We needed to connect all activities across our website and the business."

Blue Group wanted their three separate websites to be unified and operate as another “member” of the sales team, helping to attract visitors and generate leads to be nurtured. 

To achieve this, it needed a marketing automation tool which could synchronise with their then current CRM system, Salesforce, as this would consolidate activities across the organisation.


Through the implementation of HubSpot, facilitated by the implementation team, and the synchronisation of Salesforce and HubSpot, Blue Group had a single version of truth. 

As a result, the data flowing between the platforms was always correct and always up-to-date, this would allow Blue Group to run, track and manage campaigns efficiently.

The implementation of HubSpot also allowed Blue Group to streamline website management and editing – their three websites were now unified and acting as an “extended member of the sales team” – as well as improve lead nurturing at every stage of the buyer’s journey through HubSpot’s landing pages, email templates and automation.



Lead nurture emails sent out to drive contacts through the buyer journey



new contacts generated


form submissions


LinkedIn clicks

Gareth Weaver

Digital Marketing Designer

“I thoroughly enjoy working with Huble Digital: they are extremely responsive, multi-skilled and flexible in their approach, providing assistance and guidance whenever needed. Their knowledge of B2B Marketing is a great asset to our own marketing activity.”