How Huble Digital helped OfficeBox close the loop on sales & marketing using HubSpot’s automation & content marketing tools. The goal? To empower their direct sales team & drive quality traffic to their website.


... get more leads to commit to meetings? 

OfficeBox is an online stationery & office supplies business. 

Their stationery, however, was stationary.

Manual onboarding processes were distracting their sales team from following up with leads, which meant potential customers weren’t showing up for meetings. Additionally, organic traffic to their website was low and social media was underutilized.

Prospective customers were falling through the cracks because OfficeBox lacked the technology to track prospects through the buyer’s journey.

OfficeBox reached out to Huble Digital for help.


... through automation & content strategy

We advised the client that they’d need to automate and strategise if they wanted to empower their direct sales team and close the loop on their sales and marketing efforts.

To help them achieve their growth goals:

  • We implemented marketing automation to streamline onboarding processes & alleviate their pressurised sales team.
  • We implemented a comprehensive inbound marketing strategy that would bring the leads to the client for a higher chance of conversion.

"The manual nature of our marketing and sales was hampering our ability to sell"

OfficeBox’s key drivers for change were manual processes that hampered lead conversion and underutilised channels that weren’t generating growth. Specifically:

  • Leads weren't turning up for meetings

  • Manual onboarding was slow and stressful for the sales team

  • The website wasn't optimised for search engines, which meant low organic traffic

  • Paid search was nonexistent

  • Social channels were underutilised



We implemented the following strategies to streamline operations and close the loop on sales and marketing for a trackable increase in leads:

  • Lead nurturing workflows to assist sales in getting more leads to attend meetings, across all stages of the buyer’s journey

  • Email workflows were segmented by user, accounts/financial and business owner profiles to enable targeted messaging and alleviate pressure on the sales team

  • Keyword, blogging, conversion assets, SEO, social, paid search and email strategies were developed to entice leads to engage with OfficeBox



Increase in total monthly leads


50 %

increase in organic traffic over 6 months

38 %

of meetings resulted in conversions

8 %

the number of total contacts who became customers

David Adams

Co-founder, Director

“Huble Digital transformed our internal processes with automation and inbound marketing strategies that empowered our team and increased leads. The results really do speak for themselves!”