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During INBOUND23, HubSpot introduced a range of remarkable AI innovations aimed at revolutionising how businesses engage with customers.

In this blog article, we will explore the latest AI developments that HubSpot just introduced at this year's INBOUND conference in Boston.

In 2023, the impact of AI on CRM systems is becoming increasingly evident, highlighting the central role AI plays in revolutionising customer interactions and business strategies.

This year, HubSpot has responded to this paradigm shift by introducing a series of AI updates that directly resonate with businesses aiming to redefine customer interactions.

With enhancements ranging from AI-generated content ideas to the fortification of the AI Content Assistant, these updates epitomise HubSpot's commitment to equipping businesses with the tools to cultivate deeper CRM insights.

Now, let's explore some of the AI updates that HubSpot introduced at INBOUND23.

Crafting subject lines with AI

At INBOUND23, HubSpot launched an AI subject line generator, designed to revolutionise a critical facet of marketing strategy - crafting subject lines for email marketing campaigns.

We all know the importance of a captivating subject line in email marketing campaigns. Content creators now have a convenient way to craft email subject lines for their campaigns, complementing the existing feature for generating and editing email copy directly in the email editor.

HubSpot's Subject Line Generator, powered by email insights and industry best practices, automatically analyses your email's content and generates three subject lines without requiring any prompts from you.

By automating this task with AI, you can free up your time to focus on other important activities, such as content creation and optimisation.

HubSpot's AI-powered website builder

HubSpot also announced that they are currently developing an AI-driven website builder that's poised to change the game. This unique platform is designed to simplify the process of creating single-page websites.

When users sign up, they will be prompted to answer questions about their business. Using generative AI technology, the platform will then automatically generate a single-page website based on these responses. The generated website can then be easily customised to suit individual preferences.

This innovative tool is particularly advantageous for those starting small and looking for a quick way to launch a website for their projects. It promises a swift and efficient solution to get your online presence up and running with minimal hassle.

AI updates in Campaign assistant

HubSpot unveiled exciting new features for its Campaign Assistant at INBOUND23 that expand its AI capabilities. These upgrades introduce a variety of new features and functions designed to support content creators and marketers.

Social Copy

The enhancements include the ability to generate copy for LinkedIn and Facebook ads. With a simple click, marketers can now create three different ad copy variants to test in their upcoming campaigns. 

Landing page with AI

HubSpot's AI capabilities don't end there; they also extend to landing page creation.

With the Campaign Assistant, you can effortlessly craft the perfect copy for your landing page, ensuring it resonates effectively with your target audience. Then, with just one click, watch as your landing page is built before your eyes. The best part? It's free for everyone.

HubSpot's AI ecosystem combines website and landing page development to streamline your online presence, offering a seamless and accessible solution for businesses of all sizes.

AI-generated social copy within blog editor

Incorporating the latest advancements, HubSpot's blog editor now seamlessly integrates social media capabilities, enabling you to automate the creation and posting of social content without leaving the platform.

This feature, introduced at INBOUND23, simplifies the task of crafting captivating copy for your social media posts. Within the blog editor, you can effortlessly explore various copy options, facilitating the generation of imaginative and compelling content tailored to resonate with your target audience. It effortlessly produces copy that encourages engagement, garnering likes and shares across popular platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

This allows you to automatically generate a social post within HubSpot's blog editor and post directly from there, further enhancing your content management and distribution capabilities.

AI-generated content ideas for blogs with Semrush data

HubSpot also announced AI-generated content ideas powered by a fusion of ChatGPT and Semrush data.

All you need to do is provide a brief description of a broad topic, and HubSpot will work its magic, offering you a range of specific blog post topics, suggested titles, descriptions, and even outlines. This tool not only helps overcome writer's block but also assists you in selecting content ideas with a higher likelihood of resonating and performing well with your target audience.

But that's not all – HubSpot's AI ecosystem extends further with ChatSpot, HubSpot’s AI chatbot. Through dynamic conversations, ChatSpot can assist you in refining ideas, brainstorming new topics, and discovering unique content angles that strike a chord with your audience.

With these powerful tools at your disposal, content planning becomes a breeze, empowering marketers to create content that leaves a lasting impact on their intended audience.

New AI features in Content Assistant

In addition, HubSpot announced several exciting updates to Content Assistant, introducing a host of new features and functions designed to empower content creators and marketers.

One-Click title and meta description generation

One noteworthy addition is the one-click title and meta description generation feature for both pages and blog posts. With a simple click of a button, content creators can now effortlessly generate SEO-friendly titles and meta descriptions. This advanced functionality analyses your page's content and employs AI to craft titles and meta descriptions that enhance search engine optimisation.

Image generation

Another exciting addition is the image generation feature, which enables users to generate images based on prompts or contextual cues related to their tasks. This innovative capability allows marketers to create custom visuals that perfectly complement their content.

Slash and highlight commands for text editors

The AI Content Assistant also introduces a range of slash and highlight commands for text editors across the HubSpot platform. This means content creators can generate blog outlines, paragraphs, ideas, or conclusions directly within the blog editor. Moreover, they can effortlessly edit existing text, whether it's to rewrite, shorten, expand, or adjust the tone.

The commands are now accessible across a range of HubSpot tools, spanning landing pages, website pages, blogs, global content, marketing emails, knowledge bases, conversations inboxes, and social media.

These enhancements represent a significant leap forward for HubSpot's AI Content Assistant. It empowers marketers, sales teams, and service professionals to streamline their work while maintaining a high level of quality.

Enhanced data insights with AI-generated reporting

At INBOUND23, HubSpot introduced significant enhancements to their AI-powered reporting tools, revolutionising the way data-driven decisions are made. 

Now, you can not only create and edit descriptions for your reports with the assistance of AI but also generate entire reports effortlessly. AI-generated report descriptions simplify the process of understanding complex data reports by providing clear explanations of what the report contains, its practical utility, and the questions it can answer.

Additionally, HubSpot introduced AI-generated reports, allowing you to create comprehensive reports by simply posing a question. This innovative feature harnesses generative AI to streamline report creation, making it easy to craft the perfect report to address your business inquiries.

By leveraging these AI-driven reporting capabilities, you gain valuable insights into key performance metrics, emerging trends, and actionable data points. This data-driven approach empowers you to make well-informed decisions that propel your business forward.

AI-generated workflow descriptions

Navigating through a multitude of workflows within a portal can be a daunting task. Customers often find it challenging to comprehend the purpose and functionality of each workflow, especially when dealing with a high number of workflows or multiple users. HubSpot's innovative approach to workflow management, announced at INBOUND23, now introduces AI-generated workflow descriptions to address this challenge.

With the power of generative AI, customers no longer need to invest precious time summarising their workflows manually. Instead, they can effortlessly generate concise descriptions that provide a clear understanding of why a workflow was created and its intended function. This streamlined process allows users to quickly grasp the essence of each workflow, making it easier to manage and optimise their automation strategies.

Furthermore, the flexibility of AI-generated workflow descriptions empowers customers to edit or regenerate descriptions as needed. Whether refining existing workflows or creating new ones, this feature ensures that workflow management becomes a more efficient and accessible task for all users.

Leverage HubSpot's AI revolution with Huble

At this year's INBOUND, HubSpot unveiled several impressive AI innovations designed to transform how businesses engage with customers and enhance their strategic approaches.

Throughout the event, HubSpot introduced a variety of AI updates, including the noteworthy Landing Page Builder and notable enhancements to the AI Content Assistant. These unveilings underscored HubSpot's commitment to equipping businesses with essential tools for gaining deeper insights into customer behaviours and needs.

With these compelling AI announcements taking centre stage at INBOUND23, it's evident that HubSpot is at the forefront of AI solutions. If you're eager to leverage the full potential of HubSpot's AI updates, don't hesitate to reach out to our team of experts.