In this blog post, Scott Murcott, Copywriter at Huble Digital, runs through how you can use the HubSpot Service Hub for impactful customer experiences that leave lasting — positive — impressions throughout the buyer’s journey.

More than 80% of companies that invest in creating a frictionless customer experience see an increase in profits. That’s incredibly telling and provides good insight into where customers are willing to put their money.

With a wealth of solutions available at the touch of a screen, customers no longer have the time for unintuitive purchase processes or poor customer care. Brands that create seamless, intuitive customer experiences will be the ones who emerge as winners.

We’ve already seen it with some of the world’s biggest disruptors. Think of how easy it is to set up and navigate Netflix’s interface. Or how Uber’s intuitive app revolutionised e-hailing services and changed the way we commute forever.

The Flywheel — business growth through customer delight

Remember the marketing funnel? Well, it had one glaring problem — it didn’t account for the role of word-of-mouth and referrals in driving business growth throughout the purchase process. The Flywheel, however, harnesses ‘the momentum of your happy customers to drive referrals and repeat sales’, according to HubSpot

The below illustrates why the kinetic customer energy at the heart of the Flywheel is a more efficient model for our customer-centric world:

Courtesy of HubSpot

The Flywheel measures success by how well — and how quickly — businesses are able to cater to customer needs. If your clients have a good experience, they’ll be more likely to tell their friends about your products and services. And so the sales wheel turns, powered by the energy of marketing’s oldest and greatest tool — word of mouth.

A seamless customer experience relies on internal cohesion

For businesses to capitalise on digital connectivity, every department needs to be working towards the same goals, using the same information. It just doesn’t make sense for your sales, marketing, and customer service teams to act independently when the technology to create cohesion already exists. 

HubSpot’s Growth Suite Enterprise package, for instance, can connect your CRM to your sales, marketing, and service departments, pulling together customer data and promoting scalability through internal cohesion — all in service of creating a seamless customer experience.

HubSpot Service Hub — supercharge your customer care team 

If you can win a person's heart and mind, you can turn them into a brand advocate and potentially gain a customer for life. One of the most effective ways to build lasting relationships is to give your customer service team the software and information they need to deliver quick, relevant, and personalised services to those (your prospects and customers) they engage with.

When it comes to customer experience, efficiency is everything. HubSpot’s Service Hub houses the tools and contextual information that client service teams need to delight customers throughout the buyer’s journey, quickly and effectively. Highlights include:

  • A universal inbox that houses all of your favourite communication channels, including email, live chat, and Facebook messenger.

  • A knowledge base tool that allows you to create a catalogue of support articles so that customers can solve problems themselves.

  • Built-in reporting tools that measure the impact your service team’s client interactions have on sales. 

  • Chatbot functionality that enriches customer service, answers questions and nudges customers to the documentation, website pages, or specialists required to solve their problems.

Good customer experience is the benchmark of business success

Excellent customer care at any stage of the buyer’s journey will motivate people to recommend your products and services to others. It’s a foolproof method for continuous business growth in a  customer-centric world, and one that Huble Digital champions wholeheartedly. Our strategic approach to customer care includes:

Customer journey blueprint: From acquisition and onboarding, to retention, renewal, and ongoing service, we map journeys across the full customer lifecycle.

Customer data audit: We evaluate existing customer data to create a blueprint of strategic recommendations that nurture sustainable customer care success.

Scaling and optimisation: Ongoing monitoring and optimisation of customer journeys to adapt and scale with technology and strategic intent.

For impactful customer experiences that leave lasting — positive — impressions throughout the buyer’s journey, get in touch with a Huble Digital consultant.

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