In this case study, learn how we helped White Lodge International Preschool & Childcare drive conversions for its Singapore and Malaysia website and increase its 'contact us' and 'school tour' booking form submissions by more than 100%.

White Lodge – the background

White Lodge International Preschool & Childcare is one of the top international preschools and kindergartens in Singapore and Malaysia. It currently has 11 schools between these 2 regions, each representing more than 40 nationalities.

Its objective is to cultivate a love of learning in children, enabling them to grow with confidence, creativity and generosity, and allowing them to get the greatest value, pleasure and fulfilment from their childhood.

Featuring a comprehensive curriculum and child-centred learning environments, White Lodge International Preschool & Childcare understands a child’s perspective and provides them with everything they need to explore and express themselves best.

The challenge

One of the main challenges for White Lodge was managing enrolment requests for its preschools and childcare facilities in Singapore and Malaysia.

As these schools were growing, they were attracting more and more parents, resulting in greater enrolment and tour requests.

While White Lodge managed many of these requests through its main administrative office, it wanted each school to take ownership of their respective bookings and capitalise on all leads generated.

In addition, White Lodge also had several business goals it wanted to achieve, namely:

Customer acquisition

White Lodge wanted to increase conversions – i.e. the number of people booking visits or tours to its Singapore centres – by 100% in 12 months. This meant doubling White Lodge’s bookings per week from 5 to 10.

Generate and nurture contacts to increase conversions

White Lodge wanted to better nurture the contacts it generated in order to drive conversions (school tour bookings and enrolments).

Increase brand awareness

With more schools joining its brand as part of their partnership, White Lodge wanted to increase its visibility to ensure potential customers (parents) knew these new schools existed.

Engaging Huble Digital (Huble Digital)

So to achieve the above, White Lodge reached out to Huble Digital in October 2018 – a sister agency of Be Found Online (BFO) (which it had worked with since 2017) and decided to onboard the HubSpot marketing automation platform.

To work out White Lodge’s specific requirements and develop a programme that could meet its goals, the Huble Digital team had several face-to-face consultations with White Lodge. These consultation sessions enabled the Huble Digital team to:

  • Create new buyer personas

  • Conduct a content audit (to review existing content and identify what new content was required)

  • Map out lead management processes

  • Teach the White Lodge team the HubSpot basics

  • Devise an Inbound programme

  • Create various lead generation forms on the websites of both countries to help manage customer requests

In January 2018, the Huble Digital team launched the Inbound programme – this included blogging, social media activity (LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook) and general HubSpot support.  

The content for the blogs was based around strategic keyword research and input from the teachers at White Lodge’s schools as they were familiar with the questions parents ask.

To mix up the type of content created for parents, Huble Digital team agreed to use some of the blog deliverables to help White Lodge create other content, such as checklists and e-books.

Finally, the Huble Digital team also helped White Lodge to set up a custom integration with Acuity, an automation scheduling tool. This custom integration enabled White Lodge to have a calendar on the website so parents can book a tour directly with the respective school at a time that was convenient for them. Huble Digital also set up a number of background workflows to send out automated notifications and reminder emails to the parents and principals about all incoming requests.

The results


Through the Inbound campaign Huble Digital were able to...

  • Increase the HubSpot contact us/tour booking form submissions on the Singapore website by 126% from Q2 to Q3 2019

  • Increase the HubSpot “quick connect” form submissions on the Singapore website by 106% from Q2 to Q3 2019

  • Increase the HubSpot contact us/tour booking form submissions on the Malaysia website by 667% from Q2 to Q3 2019

  • Increase the HubSpot “quick connect” form submissions on the Malaysia website by 303% from Q2 to Q3 2019

  • Generate 1163 blog views and 389 blog subscribers from Jan-Nov 2019

  • Achieve a 3.8% website visitor to lead conversion rate for the Singapore and Malaysia websites combined (HubSpot’s benchmark is 1%)


Huble Digital's ongoing SEO optimisation work significantly increased organic traffic numbers for White Lodge's Singaporean and Malaysian websites:

  • 15% increase in organic traffic from Singapore in 2019 (compared to 2018)

  • 76 avg. daily visits to in 2019 (it was 65 in 2018)

  • 79% increase in organic traffic from Malaysia in 2019 (compared to 2018)

  • 40 avg. daily visits to in 2019 (it was 21 in 2018)


Finally, Huble Digital also helped White Lodge increase its visibility on Google:

  • is ranking for 644 keywords in Google Singapore (Source: BrightEdge)

  • Search visibility on Google Singapore increased by 10% for priority keywords (Source: Moz)

  • Search visibility on Google Malaysia increased by 6% for priority keywords (Source: Moz)

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