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We’re always looking for ambitious businesses who understand the world is changing, and are driven to adapt and thrive. Take the next step and book a call with our team.

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We’re always looking for ambitious businesses who understand the world is changing, and are driven to adapt and thrive. Take the next step and book a call with our team.

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This week HubSpot has announced 11 new integrations, which will allow you to connect data from frequently used business applications into one central system of record.



Current HubSpot integrations include Salesforce, Wistia, GoTo Webinar, Survey Monkey, Zapier, Wordpress and Sidekick to name a few. We’ve used a number of these at The B2B Marketing Lab for ourselves, improving the insight we have into the contacts we have in our database. Not only that, we’re now looking to improve our campaigns even further using some of these new integrations. Here’s a list of the new integrations and where you can find more information about them:


No doubt you have a whole library of presentations, infographics and reports sat on your company servers or Intranet. With a bit of imagination you could make these available for public consumption and host them within Slideshare. Using the HubSpot integration, you can now trigger a contact form when a viewer:

  • Reaches a specific slide

  • Requests to download the slideshare

  • Reaches the end of the presentation

  • Clicks on a ‘learn more’ CTA

Get more out the content you have at your fingertips.

Perfect Audience

Retargeting platform, Perfect Audience, is a retargeting platform which allows marketers to bring back visitors who have previously visited their website. Be it through Facebook ads, Twitter ads or website banner ads, the new HubSpot integration matches your content to your smart lists and targets your audience with the correct content.


Data Hero lets non-technical business users build different graphs and charts from a variety of sources. With the new HubSpot integration, reporting aficionados can use HubSpot analytics to filter data by any of customer field or time groupings. 


Can you tell the difference between a good lead and a bad lead within your data? Using Infer, companies can automatically research every lead and identify the MQLs within their database by segmenting and allocating lead scores the highest converting contacts against their lead scoring criteria.


The integration between HelloSign and HubSpot provides the ability for organisations to collect, monitor and control eSignatures directly through HubSpot CRM. This integration automatically updates, so the HubSpot user can see if the contact has viewed, opened or signed a contract using HelloSign.


Want to use HubSpot to track your inbound calls as well as their online engagement? Now you can, the integration with Invoca allows you to:

  • View calls and form submissions in the lead timeline

  • Segment and score leads based on inbound calls

  • Create workflows that send emails once a call has taken place

  • Create a multi-channel view of a lead


With Bigcommerce eCommerce software integration, customers can automatically sync all customer and order data from Bigcommerce using HubSpot’s smart lists and reporting tools, including:

  • First, last, and most recent order dates

  • Lifetime orders and revenue of each customer

  • Average order price

Not only this, Bigcommerce users can create an unlimited amount of triggered emails using HubSpot smart lists and workflows. 


Scripted provides professional content for every business need. Using this new integration, writers can deliver blogs straight into your HubSpot portal, as well as:

  • Publish content designed just for your business.

  • Choose from a variety of length, topics and type of content.

  • Receive special discounts packages available only for HubSpot customers.


Have you built an online store using Shopify’s eCommerce software? Using this new HubSpot integration, you are now able to:

  • Segment customers based on revenue, order value, products purchased and purchase totals.

  • Trigger personalised emails based on customer behaviour.


Looking to increase online conversion and engagement for your anonymous visitors by up to 80%? Brightinfo analyses the intent of your visitors and provides them with the most relevant content, be it a blog, eBook or any other piece of marketing content in your library – any lead generated in Brightinfo can be directly stored into your HubSpot contact database.


Appcues allows you to create in-product experiences within your application. Using the new integration, application data can be added to the HubSpot timeline view allowing you to see exactly which contacts have viewed an in-product experience.

Want more information or assistance with any HubSpot integration? Our team is ready to help, be it through additional training on your HubSpot portal or by providing some consultancy to make sure you’re maximising the tools that HubSpot provides.

If you want to know more about the consultancy we provide, drop us an email at and one of the team will be in touch.

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