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We’re always looking for ambitious businesses who understand the world is changing, and are driven to adapt and thrive. Take the next step and book a call with our team.

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An enterprise company has many stakeholders and a complex maze of moving parts that need to work together to achieve growth. In answer to this, HubSpot created the Growth Suite Enterprise package to connect departments and align promotional efforts for a frictionless customer experience. The suite covers everything you need from a marketing, sales, service and CRM perspective to transform and grow your business.

That’s all well and good for smaller companies that are looking to grow quickly. But what about enterprise-level companies that require sophisticated systems to maintain their size and facilitate future growth? Let’s find out if HubSpot’s Growth Suite Enterprise is fit for that task:

Competitiveness through consolidation

In the past, companies may have been able to get away with siloed departments and data-hoarding, but not anymore. Today, customers expect a seamless buyer’s journey facilitated by quick, efficient, and relevant service. This means that sales and marketing departments have to align to cater to prospects’ needs at every stage of the process, from research through to purchase.

This level of quality simply can’t be achieved without creating a free-flow of information between departments and consolidating company-wide promotional efforts. 

Sharing information between departments is crucial to attaining the holy grail of marketing — a single customer view from all data touchpoints along the buyer’s journey. For example: A sales team will be able nurture and close leads more effectively if they know which content, webpages, and pricing lists leads have accessed recently. This is only possible by having interconnected systems.  

Consisting of the Sales, Service, Marketing, and CMS Hubs, the Hubspot Growth Suite gives enterprise-level companies a high-level view of their sales and marketing operations. This allows them to put budget into what’s working, and to tweak what’s not.

Unpacking the features of the HubSpot Growth Suite

To devise successful strategies for long-term growth, a business needs to be able to attract, convert, close, and retain customers. By nurturing a healthy client database, you’re able to generate engagement and interactions, which in turn gathers valuable data and analytics.

Read our in-depth blog post on everything you need to know about HubSpot Enterprise tools here. 

The HubSpot Growth Suite caters to the four pillars of customer experience with the following hubs:

Marketing Hub Enterprise: Combining enterprise-grade features with consumer-grade intuitiveness, the marketing suite is perfect for businesses who’ve outgrown their current software. Notable features include:

  • Multi-touch revenue attribution that connects revenue to marketing interactions so you know where to put (or pull) your budget.

  • Adaptive testing (or AI-enhanced A/B testing) that automates testing to optimise your website’s conversion rate.

Sales Hub Enterprise: A bloated CRM can hamper even the best of sales teams. This suite provides sales acceleration and Configure Price Quote (CPQ) software solutions to give your sales team the best chance of closing new customers: 

  • From proven call scripts to comprehensive company buyer personas, the Playbooks feature houses information that sales teams require to nurture leads and close customers.

  • Predictive lead scoring provides “customer context in one place” with automated lead qualification that’s based on data gathered from the full buyer’s journey.

Service Hub Enterprise: Customers demand efficiency and will have no qualms about seeking out alternative solutions if their needs aren’t met. This Hub houses the tools customer service teams need to provide a superior customer experience:

  • Customisable chatbots extend your website and Facebook messaging features by funnelling data into your contact records automatically.

  • Advanced chat targeting helps teams deliver a more personalised experience informed by factors such as visitor location, referral source, and website scrolling actions.

CMS Hub Enterprise: Advanced settings and features that empower your marketing, development, and IT teams with content extensions and website health and security maintenance:

  • Site performance reporting helps you identify issues reported by clients, pages with high amounts of traffic, and other performance reports.

  • With serverless functions you can add interactive elements such as dynamic calculators and event registrations to your HubSpot content.

For a deeper dive into the CMS Hub and the benefits if offers CMOs and IT Professionals, check out two of our recent webinars we ran with Luke Summerfields, HubSpot CMS Go-to-Market Lead — here and here.

The last word

Yes... the answer to the question in the title. Yes, the HubSpot Growth Suite is a viable investment for businesses that require an enterprise-grade tool kit that consolidates internal operations and delivers impactful messaging to prospects and existing clients.

If you’d like further information on the above or require guidance in your marketing endeavours, contact Huble Digital. We are a HubSpot Elite Solutions Partner and a full-service global digital business consultancy that transforms businesses using the HubSpot platform and its powerful marketing tools.

For a more comprehensive examination of the HubSpot Enterprise package — including costs, usage statistics and company adoption — read HubSpot Enterprise Tools: Everything You Need to Know.

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