“People would tell us they love HubSpot, but it’s missing some of the key features they need – so we’ve added the capabilities to allow businesses to manage every aspect of their enterprise marketing and sales.”

In this exclusive interview, JD Sherman, HubSpot’s Chief Operating Officer, explains just how HubSpot has evolved and expanded to support large business enterprises, as well as the latest updates to the ‘Enterprise’ end of the product and what it means for businesses.

Despite starting off as a solution aimed at small and medium-sized businesses, HubSpot has quickly grown to encompass every aspect of marketing, sales and customer service. In just 12 years, it has become the go-to solution for small, medium and even large business enterprises – and it’s about to evolve again, this time paying particular attention to large business enterprises.

When it comes to large business enterprises and marketing and sales activity, one of the principal issues they face is the management of activities across different teams. These teams are usually comprised of a number of users split across the enterprise – and each user has their own objectives and activities – making it incredibly hard to consistently manage teams, product lines or any other dimension.  

With this in mind, HubSpot has updated its platform to allow businesses to better partition and manage elements of their activity across the enterprise. With HubSpot’s latest updates and changes to the Enterprise platform, every member of every team can be successful.

HubSpot has also expanded on its sales features on the enterprise side of the product. Within the product there were already some powerful sales tools to help salespeople be successful – but now HubSpot’s Enterprise package includes sales tools to help sales directors, vice presidents and chief revenue officers to manage activities.

Featuring better reporting, calculated fields and properties, hierarchical teams and much, much more, HubSpot’s new Enterprise features provides enterprise businesses with everything they need – just without the complexity.

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