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We’re always looking for ambitious businesses who understand the world is changing, and are driven to adapt and thrive. Take the next step and book a call with our team.

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Why do you need Inbound Marketing training? Because marketing to your prospects is getting tougher. As the power has shifted from salespeople and marketers to buyers, sales and marketing teams have to use a more effective approach: Inbound Marketing.

 It’s no longer about interruptive, Outbound Marketing. Buying people’s attention, cold-calling, direct mail, radio, TV advertisements, sales fliers, spam, telemarketing and other forms of traditional advertising are continuously becoming less effective.

Compared to its ‘traditional’ Outbound counterpart, Inbound organisations are 4X as likely to be effective, a figure which will only continue to grow as we begin to understand more about Inbound Marketing and how our customers interact with us.

HubSpot, the highest rated marketing automation platform – designed to amplify Inbound Marketing strategies – is fundamental in making Inbound Marketing campaigns that truly work.

In today’s world, Inbound Marketing is the kind of marketing that works.

But what if you don’t yet know how to use it?

Perhaps you know what Inbound is all about and you’re ready to make the change, but you’re not quite sure of what steps to take – or maybe your efforts so far have not led to great results.

In any case, you are here because you want to find out more about the Inbound Marketing methodology and HubSpot, as well as how to make them work for your business.

You are here because you want to discover how:

  1. HubSpot training can enhance your team’s Inbound Marketing capabilities.

  2. Inbound Marketing training can enable you to create powerful campaigns.

  3. Inbound Marketing can help to generate new business enquiries.

  4. HubSpot and Inbound Marketing can increase revenue.

This blog will clearly outline the perks of HubSpot and Inbound Marketing training and how it can help your team to create truly effective Inbound Marketing campaigns.


How can HubSpot & Inbound Marketing training help your business?

Helps you to understand how buyer personas can be used in your marketing campaigns

Inbound Marketing is more than just an approach: it is a methodology that is present throughout your marketing activities. Your marketing should revolve around attracting customers through useful, helpful and relevant content and interactions designed to address a particular business problem. This content needs to be targeted at your buyer personas – yet too many businesses just create buyer personas, and then leave them on the shelf untouched for the rest of the year.

By attending HubSpot and Inbound Marketing training, you’ll learn exactly how to build and develop your buyer personas, before actually putting effective targeting strategies in place. Then, find out how you can nurture your prospects with HubSpot’s marketing automation tools to create actual, paying customers.

Provides you with transferrable knowledge across different marketing activities

Way back in 2015, Inbound Marketing was one of the most in-demand skills – a statistic that has only grown since then. There is a reason why 75% of inbound organizations believe their marketing strategy is effective. (HubSpot, 2018)Inbound Marketers double the average site conversion rate from 6% to 12% and, when done correctly, Inbound practices produce 54% more leads than traditional outbound practices.

The knowledge attained from HubSpot and Inbound Marketing training is easily transferable across industries and can be applied broadly to any marketing platform or process. As HubSpot is orientated around Inbound Marketing, an approach focused on providing value and information to customers in return for their interest, its effectiveness can only increase as we begin to understand more and more about the path to purchase and develop more granular buyer personas.

Enables you to generate quality traffic and leads

First and foremost, Inbound Marketing will not instantaneously generate sales. It will however, enable you to build better relationships with your customers through lead nurturing and targeted content that appeals to your key audiences. Inbound Marketing is all about helping prospects to find your business when they need to, through channels such as search engine optimisation (SEO), blogging and social media. By regularly producing high-quality content, optimising your website and promoting your business and content on relevant channels, you can drive quality traffic back to your website and improve your overall lead generation activity.

And, with HubSpot and Inbound Marketing training, you can develop an intricate understanding of how your Inbound content creation, SEO and channel promotion all come together to produce a unified marketing experience, as well as how they can be leveraged and enhanced to ensure you drive only the highest-quality leads back to your website.

Reduces your expenditure on leads and your marketing in general

Inbound leads cost 61% less than outbound. Traditional ‘Outbound’ marketing methods such as cold-calling, paid branding, print and television advertising can not only be expensive and time consuming, but also deliver a poor return on investment. An Inbound Marketing approach on the other hand, leverages free channels to provide searchers with information, tools or solutions of value – encouraging them to consider your business.

However, you may be unsure how best to deploy and execute an Inbound Marketing campaign through HubSpot – and that is where HubSpot training comes in. With HubSpot training, you can identify your target audience through buyer personas, develop targeted content designed and identify the channels which will be most lucrative for your business’ lead generation – enabling your business to save a significant amount of time and money.

Helps you to expand your marketing and reach new audiences

With Inbound Marketing, as you produce high-quality content and promote it on social media channels, you track its performance through HubSpot and evaluate how it is being found, shared and engaged with by people inside and outside your industry space.

This provides you with the opportunity to expand your marketing into additional spaces where people have developed an interest in what your business does. Slowly, you distribute content into these spaces, increasing the exposure of your business online as well as bolstering your lead generation activity.

If this sounds like something of interest, why not attend our HubSpot training classes?

At Huble Digital, we provide monthly HubSpot and Inbound Marketing classes. Run by our team of highly accredited Inbound Marketers, our training classes are designed to help your business improve its sales lead generation activity and to correctly launch an Inbound Marketing campaign.

Whether you are a beginner or advanced in HubSpot and Inbound Marketing, we have HubSpot training classes suitable for your level of knowledge and designed to answer all of your questions.

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