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We’re always looking for ambitious businesses who understand the world is changing, and are driven to adapt and thrive. Take the next step and book a call with our team.

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We’re always looking for ambitious businesses who understand the world is changing, and are driven to adapt and thrive. Take the next step and book a call with our team.

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DPS - the background

Digital Post Solutions (DPS) provides the latest digital post and print management solutions for businesses across the UK, enabling organisations of all sizes to reduce administration costs and maximise productivity. A market leader, DPS offers innovative yet affordable solutions, with customers receiving a level of customer service that is unrivalled throughout the industry.

DPS required a brand-new, prospect-orientated, lead generating website – a website that was search engine optimised, equipped with high-quality content, and capable of lead data capture.

What was the challenge?

The problem, however, was that DPS had three separate websites. These websites, while comprehensive and full of useful content, were not optimised for specific keyword terms relating to the business's products and services and as a result, were not generating much organic traffic. In addition, these websites had no top, middle or bottom of the funnel content in place to encourage website visitors to engage and no landing pages or forms to facilitate lead data capture.

Why engage with Huble Digital?

DPS realised that in order to generate leads for the business and for its website(s) to function to the best of its ability, the websites needed to be consolidated into one brand-new website as quickly as possible. The new website would have to “stand out” online and clearly represent the business.

Another issue was building brand awareness for the business. DPS had been doing some social media activity, but nowhere near enough to build a profile online.

With all of this considered, DPS approached Huble Digital and requested support with the website development and optimisation, as well as content creation – as this would help to rebrand the business, position it as an authority and grow its influence online.

Huble Digital helped DPS to quickly build a lead-generating, prospect-orientated website using HubSpot and a Growth-Driven Design process, as well as consolidate information across DPS’ three different websites into one.

Website development, Growth-Driven Design and a full Inbound Marketing programme

Huble Digital worked to develop a complete Inbound programme for DPS – this included website build, development and optimisation, content creation, search engine optimisation, and brand redesign. The Huble Digital team produced a comprehensive Gantt chart to detail every individual aspect of the website build and Inbound programme, providing DPS with a clear timeline plan.

To ensure all of DPS’ existing content and messaging could be used for future content creation and website copy, Huble Digital scraped all three DPS websites. Following this, Huble Digital ran buyer persona workshops to understand DPS' target audience. The session allowed Huble Digital to brainstorm content ideas around the pain points of the target audience – ensuring DPS had a healthy pipeline of content to attract interested parties and drive lead generation.

After, the Huble Digital team developed a comprehensive sitemap for the new launchpad website, targeting specific keywords relevant to DPS’ industry sectors and service offerings, as well as specific to the target audience it was trying to attract and engage with. 

(Phase one website build)

Copy of DPS Sitemap


To quickly build the DPS website, Huble Digital used Growth-Driven Design (GDD), allowing DPS to start with a minimum viable product (MVP) website - as pictured above - the most strategically effective website to launch within the shortest possible period of time - and agreed to build out the website on an ongoing basis.

Finally, to help DPS stand out online and clearly reflect the business, new logos were briefed and designed by the Huble Digital team for use on the new website, helping to inform the design and branding of the whole site.

Find out more about Growth-Driven Design and how it can help your website 

Content creation

To help drive lead generation activity for the new website, Huble Digital produced a number of top of the funnel blogs and eBooks based on the content ideas generated in the buyer persona workshops. These content assets would help to position DPS as an expert in the industry, help interested parties to find the website, and help to improve the website’s ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs).

The new content would also help to support outbound email marketing activity, allowing DPS’ sales team to generate more leads and customers via email.

Social media best practice advice and growing brand awareness

In addition to website design and development, content creation and search engine optimisation, Huble Digital provided DPS with best practice advice on how to use social media to grow brand awareness.

DPS had not been using social channels to expand the business’ influence and drive interested parties back to the website. Huble Digital advised DPS that social media marketing was a cost-effective way to generate interest in the business and help people to find the website.

To aid DPS in managing its own social media in-house, Huble Digital, first provided DPS with best practice advice on how to position itself on social media channels – as this would allow it to generate brand awareness and highlight its expertise. Secondly, Huble Digital provided DPS with social media templates as these would allow DPS to create a plan of social media activity and have a clear view of what was going out and when on social media channels.

Finally, Huble Digital advised DPS on joining LinkedIn groups and appointing people within the business as spokespeople as this would help them to further build brand awareness organically.


Increase in website traffic and higher ranking on SERPs

Going from being unable to be found online organically on search – unless a searcher typed the business’ exact name – DPS is now in a position where its website can be found for specific keyword terms relating to the business (and the products and services it provides) and ranks on search engine results pages.

Improved lead generation as a result of content creation

Content on the website has increased visitor engagement and lead generation. It's also provided the sales team with collateral that they can use to nurture prospects and demonstrate the business' expertise.

A growing, prospect-orientated website

Huble Digital’s Growth-Driven Design process has allowed DPS to progressively grow its website. The business is now in a position where it wants to branch out from just providing franking machine solutions to providing mail solutions, and continues to eye new opportunities. Phase 2 of the website build and development will revolve around developing another 5-10 search engine optimised website pages over the next quarter.

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