Missed the chance to meet and hear from Brian Halligan at our Grow with Inbound event on 10 June 2019? No problem. We recorded the entire session. Check it out for free on our blog. 

On 10 June 2019, we ran our very first Grow with Inbound event - an exclusive, invite-only event for Inbound Marketers, salespeople and customer service representatives looking to grow their businesses.

Over 100 people joined us in Central London for the afternoon, enjoying food, drink and the opportunity to network, speak with and hear from like-minded marketers and salespeople.

We also had four presentations from Inbound Marketing experts. Attendees first heard from Bob Dearsley (Chief Executive of Huble Digital). He was then followed by Guy Washer (Consulting Director at Huble Digital), and then Daryn Smith (Chief Sales & Innovation Officer at Huble Digital). Lastly, HubSpot’s CEO and co-founder – Brian Halligan – had a discussion with Bob Dearsley and a short Q&A with the audience.  

For those of you interested in hearing from Brian Halligan and were unable to join us on the day, we’ve got the recording of his session below. Have a look. 


Pardon references to The B2B Marketing Lab, this video was created before we merged with MPULL to form Huble Digital. 


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