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We’re always looking for ambitious businesses who understand the world is changing, and are driven to adapt and thrive. Take the next step and book a call with our team.

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Helping an Atlassian Partner find their own look and voice


Content restructuring, a fresh design and new site architecture - all supported by HubSpot


Isos Technology, an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner and three-time Partner of the Year, engaged Huble for help with restructuring and redesigning their website.

A major player in the Atlassian service ecosystem, Isos Technology had a large amount of products, services and content to offer, but needed help in leveraging it in the most optimal way. Their website failed to portray them as the thought-leaders that they are, and its design was too similar to Atlassian. They needed to become more visually independent, and offer a better user experience and improved buyer’s journey. 

To solve these issues, Isos Technology needed an adept HubSpot partner with expertise in web design, user experience (UX), and content strategy. They found this partner in Huble.

WEBSITE - Customer logo size template (8)


The challenge

After auditing their website, it quickly became clear that Isos Technology had high-quality and valuable content available, but their site structure didn’t portray their content in an easy-to-find and engaging way. This led to a bumpy user journey and content that was not easily accessible, which essentially meant that they were missing out on potential deals. They were too focused on showcasing their products and services, and not on showcasing the valuable content that was already available on their website.

Furthermore, their design was very similar to that of Atlassian, which could lead to confusion among site visitors. This was why Isos needed a new approach to branding. They needed a website that was clear, highlighted their value propositions and services, and would drive conversions. 

In order to achieve this, a new site architecture was needed to support an intuitive user experience with flawless navigation and wayfinding. On top of this, Isos Technology required a clear, consistent, and captivating brand story with a new strategy for design and content.

Our solution

We started our collaboration with a series of discovery and strategy workshops to investigate, review, and discuss how best to move forward. Following this, Huble agreed to deliver a bespoke HubSpot theme complete with a set of custom modules and a completely new brand design for their website.

A website that delights and converts

We then moved into the website delivery phase, working with the Isos team to stage and rebuild all existing website and landing pages. Huble developed an entirely new site architecture and navigation experience to provide clearer routing and grouping of services to allow users to navigate based on specific service requirements as well as need states based on their various persona needs. Furthermore, a new mega menu, and a blog-powered resource center was created.

On top of that, all core website copy was rewritten to better reflect identified audience needs and the Isos tone of voice. We refined and standardised their brand messaging, values, and tone, to establish what key information would appear on each web page. With the groundwork laid, we wrote search-optimised website content that covered everything from their about us page, to their service, and resources pages. 

We provided a responsive, easy-to-use and easy-to-maintain website that the Isos team can continue to update and expand upon without the need for in-house development expertise or an ongoing reliance on external developers - all powered by HubSpot.

Bringing structure into thought leadership

We also audited and restructured the vast content library that Isos had available to provide an improved user experience in accessing relevant content via the resource center, menu navigation, and on all core website pages. This reinforced Isos as an industry thought leader. We surfaced the Isos values, awards, and partnerships throughout the mega menu and core site pages to better highlight brand integrity and build trust with the target audiences. 

Working with the Isos team, we identified a new content tagging structure that could be utilised on all blog content, and a HubDB table of all landing page content to power the newly developed Resource Hub that had a dual topic and content type filtering functionality. 

Design that stands out and invites users in

Isos needed a new, clean, vibrant brand design for the website that clearly differentiated them from Atlassian. Instead of the monochromatic branding that is common among tech organisations, Isos wanted their new visual identity to be fun and colourful, but without alienating the end user. Another goal was to spotlight their highly skilled team to emphasise their expert-focused value statement.

Using their existing brand guidelines as a springboard, our design team created an updated visual identity for Isos by turning the "o" in "Isos" into a visual motif. Newly designed web modules were given curved edges that reflected this motif and gave the website a unique look and feel. By placing Isos’ team members within the circular motif, we visually connected the company with the people who work there.

To define Isos' new direction, we designed new imagery and iconography and created a new style guide to support their web development team. We also updated their brand corporate identity guidelines, adding details about colour combinations and using the new elements we had created.

The results

Here is how our hard work paid off:

 We launched a vibrant, beautiful website that saw a 9% increase in site visits in the first month

Their conversion rate quickly increased by 1.5% and keeps climbing

The website is easy to navigate and users can quickly find relevant content thanks to the new resource center

Isos created 172 new sales deals and saw 1856 MQLs in the first seven months after the launch, plus a 6% increase in created contacts and a 6.5% increase in form submissions


Huble's vibrant designs for Isos Technology were a huge success:


Huble's vibrant designs for Isos
Isos team members placed within the 'o'
isos_content_Mockup 2
9 %

increase in site visits in the first month

170 +

new sales deals created within 7 months

1800 +

MQLs generated within 7 months


Our solutions succeeded in overcoming every challenge:

From the site copy to custom modules, all elements work together to position Isos Technology as thought leaders and an expert Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner

Their content and resources are better structured and easier to find, view, and navigate now, leading to a pleasant and informative user experience

The page features a clean and colourful design that visually sets them apart from Atlassian, and makes them stand out among competitors


We chose Huble from a long list of HubSpot-certified agencies that we interviewed. They just seemed to understand our needs, requirements, and vision from the get-go. They were extremely capable, friendly, responsive, and wonderful to work with. We now have a beautiful, new website and our conversion rate has increased.

Beth West

Vice President of Marketing, Isos Technology