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Using Video in Sales to Increase Leads Sales

From ideation to implementation, in this live Q&A we covered everything you need to set up your sales team for video success

More leads and higher success rates — there’s a new disruptor on the sales landscape. Tyler Lessard of Vidyard joined us for a live Q&A to unpack video’s impact on sales and how you can unlock its lucrative benefits for your business. 

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About the


Tyler Lessard


As the VP of Marketing at Vidyard, Tyler Lessard is passionate about driving corporate marketing and business development, while helping companies use and measure the performance of their video marketing assets more effectively.


Rowley Cubitt

Huble Digital

Rowley Cubitt is Head of  UK Business Development at Huble Digital. He is passionate about helping people incorporate video into their inbound sales strategy and has used this in helping to grow the company.  

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