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The Customer Service Ticket Portal for HubSpot® Service Hub™ Setup Guide

Version 1.0 April 2021


Congratulations! You have successfully registered on the Customer Service Ticket Portal for HubSpot® Service Hub™ (CSTP).


Follow these steps to get your portal set up and configured:

1. Connect your Hubspot® Portal

Click on “Connect to HubSpot”.

You will be directed to your HubSpot® portal to link your HubSpot® account to the portal.
Once you have chosen the HubSpot® account you will be directed back to the dashboard of your Customer Service Ticket Portal.


Screenshot_2021-05-04 Welcome (1)

2. Configure your settings and viewing permissions

Once your HubSpot® account has been connected you will have to configure your portal by setting up the following:


  • - Pipeline Visibility
      Identify and choose which pipelines and stages you would like to make available to your customers through this portal.

  • - Notification Stage
      Identify and choose which stage you would like the ticket to move into when a note is received from the customer.

  • - Engagement Options
      You may allow your customers to see notes and/or emails that are present in the timeline of their tickets.

  • - Ticket Properties
      Choose which properties you would like your customer to see.

  • - Client Domain
      Allows you to use the CSTP via your own domain URL, instead of making use of the CSTP’s URL.

  • - Update HubSpot® Ticket form
      Create a HubSpot® form and embed it in your Customer Service Ticket Portal, allowing your customers to create new tickets from their dashboard.


3. Invite customers to view their tickets

To invite your customers to the Customer Service Ticket Portal, simply find the customer within your HubSpot® contacts tool. Then, in the right hand margin, invite them to:  

  • - Engage their own tickets.
      The customer will be able to only view tickets that are associated with them.

  • - Engage all tickets linked to the company they work for.
      The customer will be able to view all the tickets related to them and to other people, in their company, who have opened tickets for the company.

Your customers will receive an invitation to register on the CSTP, via email to. Once registered, your customer will receive a link to the portal they can use to login with their email address and password. 

4. View and filter tickets


Your customers would need to login to the CSTP with their credentials. The CSTP enables customers to use filters to see different tickets in various pipelines and statuses, in their dashboard. They can also see all recent notes added to tickets by all parties, and add new notes.


In order to view the various tickets, your customers would need to navigate to the dropdown menu in the top right-hand corner of the dashboard. They would be able to filter which tickets they would like to view, from a specific pipeline to which they have been linked to.




5. Engaging with tickets

The CSTP gives you the ability to view tickets and see all details and notes in a timeline format. From here, your team can add notes and/or emails, which then notifies the ticket owner by email. 

  • - Click on the ticket that you wish to add a note to
  • - Click on the ‘Add Note’ button
  • - Type the message in the window that pops up
  • - Click the ‘New Note’ button to submit your message

Screenshot_2021-05-04 Welcome

The ticket details will update with the new note, and the ticket owner will be notified via email.


6. How to add users*

Navigate to the to main drop down menu in your dashboard

  • - Click ‘Users’ option
    - Click on the ‘Update User Information’
    - Complete the pop up form with the details of the new user and click ‘Add’

Screenshot_2021-05-04 User List

The user will be able to login with the credentials you have registered them with.

*users refer to those individuals within your organisation to whom you grant administration rights to. They will be able to add other users and also configure settings within your CSTP dashboard.


7. Create a HubSpot® form and embed it in the Customer Service Ticket Portal

This will allow your customers, that you have invited to the portal, to create a ticket from within the Customer Service Ticket Portal.

Here’s how to do it:

  • - Create a new support form in your HubSpot® portal;
  • - Customise the form with applicable fields;
  • - Once the fields have been selected, click on the 'share' button;
  • - Copy the 'embedded code' from the pop up window;
  • - Head over to the administration page of your Customer Service Ticket Portal;
  • - Click 'Update HubSpot® Ticket form'
  • - Type your chosen title for the form, and paste the 'embedded code' in the embedded code box; and
  • - Check the 'is visible' checkbox and click on the 'add' button.

Your customers will see a button in the top right hand corner of their dashboard, from which they will be able to create a new ticket. The button will be displayed with your chosen title.


Screenshot_2021-05-04 Dashboard



Congratulations! You are now set up within the Customer Service Ticket Portal. 


The CSTP Team here at Huble Digital is ready to help you to get the most out of the CSTP, please do not hesitate to contact us at cstpteam@hubledigital.com if you are experiencing any issues with the setting up of your portal, or if you have any suggestions on how we might improve these instructions, have any further questions, or have feedback.

With best wishes from everyone at the Customer Service Ticket Portal Team.



This page refers to the "HubSpot® Service Hub™". 

With “HubSpot® Service Hub™,” the “HubSpot” portion is a registered mark and the “Service Hub” portion is a (claimed) trademark. Service Hub is one piece of HubSpot, Inc’s complete CRM platform to help your business grow better.