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Introducing Huble’s new sales playbook offering

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Pick 100 companies at random, across any industry, and you’ll see 100 different ways of doing business. This is especially evident in sales teams, for a number of reasons. For one, the profession attracts big personalities with charisma and distinct individual charm, leading to unique and personalised approaches to prospect engagements.

Even though each salesperson is unique, 95% of what a sales team does should follow a strict set of guidelines in order to allow the business to have a predictable revenue model. With so many variables to consider, developing this predictable model and process is more difficult than ever. For too many businesses, these rules exist only in the minds of their more experienced sales professionals. They aren’t actually documented anywhere. This creates all kinds of risks, as ongoing sales success relies on those individuals sticking around. If you lose a key individual, your sales processes risk tumbling to the ground like a Jenga tower. To remedy this potentially dire situation, every sales team should consider building a sales playbook. 

What is a sales playbook? 

A sales playbook is a guide which documents the end-to-end sales process of an organisation including best practices, tactics and strategies at each stage of the sales process and the technology that facilitates it. 

All the questions your sales team have should be found in this guide, no matter what their role is in the organisation. It’s important to note that similarly to your business, a sales playbook is in a constant state of iteration and should be constantly updated. As soon as new sales processes or technologies are introduced, your playbook should reflect that. 

Are sales playbooks the same as HubSpot playbooks? 

One of HubSpot’s most famous tools is playbooks. Using this tool, businesses can store their methodologies and rules in guides within the HubSpot CRM. This means sales reps can quickly refer to key information when needed to check which questions to ask, which benefits to highlight per customer type, or how to get the most from relevant HubSpot Sales Hub features.

It’s important to note that the type of tailored sales playbook we’re referring to in this article is not the same as HubSpot playbooks. However, certain processes documented in your company’s sales playbook could be built into HubSpot playbooks to enable your sales reps to quickly access the information they might need at different stages of the sales process. 

How Huble’s sales playbook offering evolved

At Huble, we have years of experience helping our customers to develop, optimise and automate their sales processes across their outbound, new business and account management teams, all using the HubSpot platform. 

Most of the time, developing sales processes would happen once off, and wasn’t revisited periodically with customers. Following the completion of a sales process documentation, training materials would be developed, but our customers wouldn’t spend additional time following training to consistently update them. 

We soon realised that the complexity of our customers’ use cases meant we needed to up our game. The brand new sales playbook represents more than a training deck - it is a comprehensive guide filled with personalised videos, HubSpot portal screenshots, and detailed breakdowns of custom processes and how different technology is enabling them.

We believe in long-term relationships with our customers, so our sales consultants are very much an extension of your team. As soon as new tools or processes are adopted, we update your sales playbook so you can focus more time on selling and training your team. 

Huble will create a sales playbook tailored for your business

With so many variables and changing factors across sectors and industries, every business needs a sales playbook that speaks to its unique positioning and strengths. 

We’d welcome the opportunity to learn more about your sales team and create your very own sales playbook. Speak to a Sales Consultant today and learn how Huble can put the wind in your sales. Click here to schedule a consultation.


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