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Extend HubSpot with sales apps: transforming sales with DealHub

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This blog article looks at the insights shared during HubSpot's Extend HubSpot with Sales Apps webinar featuring Omer Fuchs from DealHub and Jeffrey DeAnna from Huble Digital.

In a world driven by technological advancements and innovative solutions, businesses constantly seek ways to streamline their processes and enhance their efficiency.

A recent webinar hosted by HubSpot featuring Omer Fuchs from DealHub and Jeffrey DeAnna from Huble Digital shed light on how a collaboration between DealHub and HubSpot has transformed the sales processes for various businesses.

This blog article will delve into the insights shared during the webinar. Watch their presentation below or read on to find the summary of their conversation.


DealHub: a comprehensive sales solution

Omer Fuchs, leading strategic alliances and partnerships at DealHub, commenced the discussion by introducing DealHub's suite of solutions.

DealHub is on a mission to empower salespeople by providing a comprehensive set of tools, all seamlessly integrated into HubSpot's CRM. The suite includes Configure Price Quote (CPQ), Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM), Digital Deal Rooms, Subscription Management, Billing, and Electronic Signature capabilities.

The cornerstone of DealHub's approach is making sales processes intuitive for salespeople. They've turned the complex task of creating quotes into a guided workflow or sales playbook. 

This guided approach ensures that salespeople efficiently answer a series of questions and provide the most accurate quotes to their customers. The sales playbook responds dynamically to the answers provided, streamlining the process.

DealHub's suite also includes robust approval workflows, which enable businesses to seek approvals for discounts, technical exceptions, and other critical deal-related decisions. The digital deal rooms revolutionise the way quotes are presented to customers. These web-based rooms include all the deal details, supporting documents, and even the option for electronic signatures.

Contract lifecycle management is another vital component of DealHub's offering. It simplifies the process of managing contracts, redlining, and closing deals.

The beauty of DealHub is that it achieves all this without the need for coding, ensuring quick time-to-value and a high return on investment.

Integrate HubSpot and Dealhub with Huble Digital

Jeffrey, Senior Solutions Architect at Huble Digital, highlighted the essential role our consultancy plays in integrating HubSpot and DealHub.

Case Study: Garage Living

Jeffrey discussed a real-world case study involving Garage Living, a company specialising in high-end custom garage components across the US, Canada, and Australia. Garage Living sought a full Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to streamline their sales processes.

Huble recommended the HubSpot and DealHub tech stack due to HubSpot's central CRM, marketing, CMS, and website components. By integrating DealHub's CPQ system and QuickBooks' accounting system, they created a robust ERP solution tailored to Garage Living's needs.

The integration of HubSpot and DealHub streamlined the sales, procurement, and accounting processes. The result was an incredibly scalable, efficient, and manageable system that catered to the unique needs of Garage Living's various franchises. DealHub's version control ensured continuous customisation without downtime.

The real power of DealHub and HubSpot lies in their user-friendly interface and seamless integration.

Salespeople can now easily create customised quotes, complete with attachments and documents, all within one ecosystem. The system has not only boosted internal efficiency but also improved customer-facing interactions.

Read the full case study here.


The success story of Garage Living, as discussed in the webinar, showcases the incredible potential of combining HubSpot and DealHub, with the expertise of a consultancy partner like Huble Digital.

This partnership has transformed complex ERP solutions into user-friendly, scalable, and efficient systems.

Businesses looking to streamline their sales processes, improve efficiency, and enhance customer interactions should consider the power of integrating HubSpot and DealHub.

To learn more about how Huble can help your business, contact our team today.

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