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Connect HubSpot Sales and Service Hub for a delightful experience

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This blog post discusses the benefits that follow when you combine HubSpot Sales and Service Hub. Including a better ability to delight, connect and create authentic experiences for your customers. 

It’s no secret that providing excellent customer experiences is the best way to maintain and gain customers. In the current landscape, customers have less brand loyalty and much higher service expectations, and if you can’t meet them they’ll happily move on to a competitor. These days, the sale is really just the beginning of the customer experience.

Businesses that use disjointed systems are more likely to draw their focus away from their customers' needs. These outdated systems often don’t build robust customer experience programmes that can account for individual needs, our brand needs to engage with your customers and make each touchpoint a winning experience. 

Companies that use a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system will understand just how important customer experience is for their brand. Thankfully, HubSpot is determined to help its CRM users take the next step in delighting their customers. That’s why they’ve made it easy to connect Service Hub and Sales Hub to create a single source of truth that unlocks delightful, connected and authentic customer experiences that scale. 

We explore three ways connecting Sales Hub and Service Hub can help you create a seamless and efficient delivery of an experience that will keep your customers coming back for more. 

Delight your customers

Delighting your customer is all about exceeding their expectations and creating positive experiences that retain customers and generate positive word-of-mouth referrals. Today, delighting your customers means focusing on being transparent, responsive and available. Not only do customers want fast responses, but they also want their issues and queries to be solved efficiently, rather than with monotonous automated answers and tickets. 

Connecting Sales Hub and Service Hub will allow you to tailor sales and service processes with custom deals to better meet customer expectations across multiple teams. Live chatbots are a fast and responsive way to help customers with queries. You’ll be able to better nurture customers at every stage of their journey, interact with them, and gain added visibility over your business. This can drive more accurate reporting and analytics, and highlight customer service priorities and revenue drivers across your company.

Not only will connecting  Sales Hub and Service Hub benefit your customers, but also your own business. Your teams will spend less time searching for data and spend more time solving and interacting with customer queries. What’s more, the intuitive design will allow you to easily onboard, coach and align your teams, all while delivering a world-class sales experience and customer care programme. 

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Maintain a connection

Customers want to feel heard and cared for at every stage of their interaction, with the customer journey revolving around how they feel they are being treated. By connecting your Sales and Service Hubs, your corresponding teams are connected to a single source of truth that gives them a 360° view of your customers. This enables your team to efficiently attend to their needs — making customers feel heard, and valued. 

When surveyed, 77% of salespeople said that selling collaboratively with other departments was important to their overall sales process. While this can lead to a better customer experience, this requires your sales, marketing and service teams to be aligned and share data, goals and metrics. Thankfully, HubSpot makes this incredibly easy, as each of their Hubs is seamlessly connected to form a secure CRM with the specialist functionality each of your team's needs.

As a business owner, this means that pesky handoffs between teams will turn into delightful high fives with each customer interaction. There’ll be less going back and forth between departments and all the valuable data will be easier to access for those who need it. Customer-facing employees will now be empowered with the right information, at the right time in order to be successful. 

Create authentic customer experiences

Remaining authentic to your customers will help create a genuine connection with your company and team. Using a scripted approach often leaves customers feeling like just another number and lacks a vital human connection. 

Everyone values human interaction — even when it’s augmented with the help of AI or automation. This is why companies should focus on providing a consistent experience in both their physical actions and brand communication. Your teams should be able to take control of a customer's journey and easily form an empathetic connection with them. 

Connecting your Sales and Service Hubs gives your team the tools they need to approach every interaction with a customer with a consistent, brand-appropriate tone of voice. Their gathered data will provide a 360° view of the customer, allowing them to personalise each interaction. Not only that, but it can reduce duplicate messaging to customers while allowing for appropriate personalisation. This builds authentic connections which helps your customers feel more comfortable when engaging with your brand, and more likely to return. 

As a business, you’ll be able to elevate customer relationships by humanising conversations across all channels. Customers will no longer feel they are speaking to a robot on the other side of the screen. Your teams will be able to take greater control of the customer journey and deliver empathy that scales. With one central hub, you’ll be able to improve your customer satisfaction score and retention. 


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How Huble Digital can help you delight your customers 

Huble Digital helps companies transform with HubSpot and takes the pain out of the learning curve and technical work associated with it. From building a single customer view to chatting with customers quickly and easily across different channels — achieving consistently authentic, delightful and connected customer experiences is only possible with the right CRM software. 

We can assist you in connecting your Sales Hub and Service Hub so you can unlock delightful, connected, and authentic customer experiences that scale. Discuss your needs with our team.

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