“We aren't running PPC campaigns but want to launch one soon”

You want to drive more traffic and leads to your website but don’t know where to start or which platform to use. You need guidance on where you can best use your budget to get maximum return, and also be able to report on actual leads and customers, not just clicks and impressions. 

“We are active in Paid Media, but need support to scale activity”

You are currently spending a large budget on paid media, but feel like your activity can be improved. Whether it’s the platforms you’re using, the targeting, the content or the ads themselves, you need guidance on how to improve your cost-per-click, conversions and customers. 


What makes Huble
PPC different?

Our Paid Media team at Huble know how to get clicks and impressions from paid media campaigns. However, that isn’t our focus. We want you to get the most out of your spend, so actually being able to report on every lead generated, how far they got into the sales cycle, and whether they become customers or not is absolutely key — that’s our focus. 

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to Paid Media success

Review of current paid media activity

Review of current activity

We start off by running a review of your current paid media activity to understand the set-up, as well as your goals and objectives. This enables our team to provide the best route moving forward in terms of channels, content and targeting techniques. 

Campaign planning

Campaign planning

Next, we help plan your next set of campaigns. It’s fundamental with paid media spend to start collecting data quickly, so we’ll get you up and running in no time, start gathering data, and make decisions based on that data for better optimisation moving forwards. 

Launch and ongoing optimisation

Launch and ongoing optimisation

Once we’ve launched are collecting data, we use Acquisio to match the best performing ad copy, ad imagery and targeting to ensure the best optimisation of campaigns. That means showing the best possible ad, to the best possible target, at the best possible time - and reporting on the success. 

Paid Media Audit

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“Thanks to Huble Digital, PPC and Paid Social advertising have become cost-effective, lead generating sources for our business. It’s always reassuring to work with a team that is so closely aligned with our priorities. The Huble Digital team were truly invested in ensuring this campaign was a success and they delivered that success above and beyond our expectations.”

Megan Walker


“Having wired agency-side for the better part of 10 years prior to move in-house, I know the difference between competent agencies who have a deep understanding of their crady and incompetent agencies who make it up as they go along. Huble Digital are head and shoulders above the competition when it comes to both their working knowledge of Paid Media and how to deliver business value to clients”

Tony Niemeyer

Customer Stories


We helped Automic to manage their $1.6 million paid media spend across 173 campaigns, with over 5,300 ads in English, French and German across the Americas, EMEA and APAC.

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Bond International

Bond International Software wanted to appear in the top position for specific keywords relating to recruitment 100% of the time, and we helped them to do it. 

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