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We’re always looking for ambitious businesses who understand the world is changing, and are driven to adapt and thrive. Take the next step and book a call with our team.

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We’re always looking for ambitious businesses who understand the world is changing, and are driven to adapt and thrive. Take the next step and book a call with our team.

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CRM for 
Manufacturing Business

Many engineering and manufacturing companies are still using a range of outdated legacy systems that don’t integrate efficiently. To get ahead of competitors, you need a modern CRM designed specifically for your business - this will help you manage your contacts and relationships for optimal growth.

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Forecasting production quantities

Working with outdated systems across many different channels can create forecasting challenges, resulting in an undersupply or oversupply of inventory. Using a system where you can forecast sales effectively takes the guesswork out of predicting necessary production quantities.


Demand generation

Specifically, within the manufacturing and engineering industry, your marketing and sales need to be highly targeted towards buyers who are looking for your unique products or services in order for them to have an impact. 

Single customer view

Manufacturing organisations tend to have large scale clients and long sales cycles - which results in a lot of data! With data sitting across systems, teams face the challenge of connecting it all together to gain a single customer view.

Our Manufacturing and Engineering Experience

Improved demand forecasting

CRM designed for your manufacturing business can improve how you foresee future demand and upcoming opportunities within your pipeline.

We build sales forecasting tools to help aid you with this.

Marketing and sales strategy

With long sales cycles, creating an effective marketing and sales strategy is pivotal to your business success. We know how to craft and execute strategies that are designed for long buyer journeys involving multiple decision-makers.


Product quality improvements

By implementing a single platform, you can incorporate your marketing endeavours, sales success, and your customer service feedback into one system.

This allows you to get direct feedback from your customer service team about your products that can then be used to improve the overall product you are marketing and selling.

Consolidated Data

Fragmented data can result in ongoing issues and delays, and with long sales cycles being an integral part of your business, you need all your data housed in one place.

We help companies consolidate and integrate their data into a single platform.

How mid-market and large manufacturing & engineering companies use HubSpot

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Solution Architecture

We’ll take a deep dive into your data inputs, systems, tools and software, to understand how they can work together and integrate. Providing a single source of truth for your sales and marketing teams to improve their ways of working.

Customer Journey Mapping

Your customer journeys are unique, with prospects moving back and forth within the sales cycle and journey. There will therefore be multiple touchpoints throughout the customer journey where you will need to create engaging, valuable content.

We create customer journey maps with built in automation, ensuring the journey of your customers, and potential customers, is optimised for the best possible experience.

Integration Development

Get the most out of your CRM. We help to integrate systems, from ERP to financial systems, into your CRM to create a holistic source of information.

CRM Implementation

We offer a suite of CRM implementation solutions. This includes CRM training and rollout planning. To guarantee a smooth CRM implementation, our specialists first analyse and evaluate your company’s processes and workflows.

Customer Stories


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Digital Post Solutions

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Motorola Solutions

We helped to grow organic traffic for Motorola Solutions to 16 different websites across multiple countries in 10 languages.

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DTS Solutions

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Working with Huble has been a positive experience since the very first discovery call. The experts on the Huble team have provided value in overcoming any "stucks" we have encountered while onboarding HubSpot. They are also open to training and empowering our team to resolve issues and maximize the benefits that HubSpot can offer. Most importantly, they're all very kind, patient and overall a fun group of people to work with.

Courage L. Digital Marketing Manager

Boveda, USA

First of all, I wish all agencies would be like Huble Digital. It is super fun to work with them but also you can rely on their expertise. What ever they say they can do, you can be sure that they can do it. They do not just "sell" promises, they are absolutely capable of realising the projects you chose: implementation of global Marketing Hub in 60 countries & 32 languages & implementation of global Sales Hub & CRM; training of more than 100 people worldwide, managing of global expectations and helping us of finding the futureproof setup. I am looking forward of working with Huble Digital every day. "You cannot do epic things with basic people"

Amsal Alihodzic. Global Head of Marketing

DQS Holding, Germany

We thank Huble Digital for their great job in helping us build an international knowledge website. Very good and reliable support from the team throughout all website relevant topics as well as technical and strategic issues. Very short response times and great organized follow-up. Thanks to all the team for this great partnership.

Severine G. Communications Coordinator

Leybold, Germany

I have worked with Bob and the team at Huble Digital on many occasions and have always found them to be extremely professional. Their knowledge of all things digital is exceptional. They are, without a doubt, an expert in their field, and have the skills to translate the often confusing digital world into simple terms that anyone can understand. This, paired with their ability to make the topics fun and lighthearted has made them a great choice for guest speakers at the Motorola Solutions Marketing webinars. They have worked with a number of my channel partners as well, and the feedback from all of them has always been positive too. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them.

Lence L. Head of Field Marketing

Motorola Solutions, UK

We decided to work with Huble Digital in order to gain speed in our Marketing and CRM efforts. Huble Digital implemented HubSpot Sales& Marketing with us/ for us, and the experience to work with them is really great. They are super creative solution-finders, very personable, and super knowledgeable in everything we tasked them with (and that's quite a lot!). By now, they kind of became part of our "family".

Tanja Bartsch. Head of Sales

PXL Vision, Germany

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