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We’re always looking for ambitious businesses who understand the world is changing, and are driven to adapt and thrive. Take the next step and book a call with our team.

Work with us

We’re always looking for ambitious businesses who understand the world is changing, and are driven to adapt and thrive. Take the next step and book a call with our team.

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CRM Solutions for 
SaaS Companies

Accelerating your growth as a SaaS company can prove challenging without the right systems in place and clear processes for your teams to follow. Ensuring your marketing, sales, customer service, and operations teams have a single view of the customer is vital to high customer retention rates beyond initial trial periods.



High churn rates

Once you’ve put in countless hours of development, marketing and tireless sales effort into winning a customer, you want to do your absolute best to keep them. To do this, you need to ensure you onboard your new customers personally and make it simple for them to contact your customer support team.

Upsells and cross-sells

Identifying opportunities for cross-sells and upsells can be tricky to manage and time-consuming if you’re doing it all manually. You need to ensure you’re offering solutions that truly meet your customer's needs in order to succeed.

Tech stacks that don’t scale

Using cumulative “best of breed” tech stacks has its benefits until you’re trying to scale your business with a disarray of platforms at your core. It’s a one-way ticket to a siloed organisation, regular software malfunctions, and data errors.

Our SaaS Experience

Manage long buying cycles

Investing in software is usually a long-term decision, meaning your prospects can have long sales cycles. Our CRM solutions for software providers help you manage 12-month+ cycles, ABM, and high-effort sales processes, efficiently and effectively.

Upsells and cross-sells

We understand that competition is high, so we’re experts on how you can use the data within your CRM system to identify your customer's goals and needs and provide them with personalised additional features and upgrades.

Streamline your business

The business benefits of aligning your departments and processes far outweigh the inconvenience of change. We know how separate tools can cause internal disarray, and result in inefficient processes and a terrible user experience.

Get industry-specific solutions

Your prospects have a unique buyer journey, and we’re experts at crafting solutions that make it easier to transform them from prospect, to lead and customer. We know how tough it can be to set up freemium usage and free trials and then automate processes that transform these users into paid subscribers.

How mid-market and large SaaS companies use HubSpot

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of Support

Customer Experience Consulting

We’ll help you design, implement, and improve an existing first-class customer experience. From design to CX analytics, we’ll help you deliver a customer experience worth sharing by evaluating and optimising each stage of your existing customer journey.

Teams and Process Alignment

Break free from silos! Our HubSpot specialists will help you deploy hubs across your marketing, sales, and service teams to ensure they’re using the same system to full effect.

As a HubSpot Elite Solutions Partner, we’ll ensure your teams work together flawlessly with training that guarantees user adoption.

UX & Creative services

All software companies risk sounding the same. Our team will refine your messaging, and deliver on-brand content and design that cuts through the clutter. Whether you need a strategy, or SEO-optimised assets and web copy — we’ll help you deliver content to your audience that sparks interest and inspires action.

Sales & Marketing

Our team of sales and marketing experts will be with you every step of the way, using all the data collected to help you make data-driven decisions that ensure continuous improvement. We’ll regularly refine your sales and marketing strategies, processes, and platform usage, based on data and informed by your business goals and strategic objectives.

Customer Stories


We helped Broadbean transform their use of HubSpot & Salesforce with expert bespoke consultancy and support.

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We helped Compleat Software to consolidate four websites into one lead generating website for long-term growth.

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We helped turn around CaseWare's content success in an 18 month period.

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We kickstarted Interprefy’s marketing success by moving them to HubSpot CRM and building a search-engine-optimised, lead-generating website from scratch.

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Our CRM is in the great hands of outstanding professionals. We really appreciate this partnership. If you’re looking for any assistance with HubSpot — whether you’re building it from scratch or advancing your current setup — Huble Digital is the right choice.

Sasha B. Marketing Ops Manager

Phonexa, USA

I know Huble Digital from several marketing workshops at IBM. The Hubspot workshop in Munich was also very helpful. During the whole onboarding phase during the introduction of Hubspot as a marketing automation platform, we felt excellently supported.It definitely makes sense to start such a project with an experienced agency like Huble Digital and benefit from their know-how. Thanks Amy 😊

Oliver Gäng, CMO

Cryptshare AG, Germany

They excel from a business and capability perspective, and are very personable in their approach, taking the time to understand us and being very supportive of our business over the years. I would recommend them to anyone. You will be in good hands from the exec team downwards!

Stuart M. Co-Founder

Velocity Smart Technology, UK

We hired Huble Digital for a couple of different needs at the same time and they managed to provide us with a great overview of the entire Hubspot landscape and delivered excellent results within no time. When you look out for an agency which not only executes the given tasks, but also educates your in-house team, then Huble Digital is the agency you should talk to. They managed to come up with pragmatic, yet powerful solutions to our challenges and therefore is a highly valued partner to work with.

Nicole Lontzek. Head of Marketing

Celus, Germany

Huble helped us map out and execute a plan that gave us and others in the company confidence in our decision to move to HubSpot. They helped us predict pitfalls, streamline processes and empower our users with best practices. I would highly recommend Huble for any mid-sized to enterprise sales team that is making the transition to HubSpot. They will help you immensely!

Kelly H. Senior Mid-Market Marketing Manager

When I Work, USA

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