Why do you need B2B SEO Consultancy?

    With more than 1 billion websites worldwide, all containing information that may or may not be valuable to the searcher, it is highly likely that your ideal customer won’t go beyond the first SERP (Search Engine Results Page) when looking for information.

    The top results on any SERP are ranked by search engines based on their perceived quality and relevance to searchers.

    But it's important to build your website not only for search engines, but for humans too. Why? Because search engines are unique in that they provide your website with targeted traffic - translation: people who are looking specifically for what you offer.

    To reach the most prominent search results, it’s absolutely essential that your business makes itself easy to be found by interested prospects when they investigate products or services such as yours – and to do so, you need a structured and refined B2B SEO strategy.

    London SEO Consultants for B2B Companies

    SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is all about improving the visibility of your website through organic/natural search. Our B2B SEO consultancy uses non-paid methods and techniques to increase the ranking of your website for relevant search terms to help your prospects find you at the time they're going to be most interested in reading about the work you do.  

    How does Search Engine Optimisation work?

    This might all sound relatively simple, but let us provide you with some context:

    While search engines are incredibly intelligent, you still need to provide them with signposts so that they can understand what your website is about. With this considered, Google changes its SEO algorithm more than 500 times a year in an effort to make it more precise and deliver higher-quality search results when it crawls through websites. Unfortunately, the intricacies of Google's algorithm and how it works are kept carefully under lock-and-key, but here are some fundamental points you must address if you want your website to rank well:

    • Make your pages openly relate to your target keyword term(s).
    • Optimise your pages for load speed.
    • Produce high-quality and unique content.
    • Ensure your website is mobile optimised and secure.
    • Build links from authoritative, relevant sources.
    • Make it easy for humans and search engines to understand.

    How can our B2B SEO Consultants help you?

    The B2B Marketing Lab is a team of experienced B2B SEO consultants in London. We thoroughly research, assess and familiarise ourselves with the latest SEO developments to provide our clients with the most effective SEO support, insight and consultation. We evaluate our clients’ propositions and identify the most suitable keyword terms for the various strands and media of their marketing campaigns, and use a variety of proven tools and techniques to develop a structured and efficient website. 

    Our B2B SEO consultancy services provide support and advice on optimising your existing website pages for highly lucrative keyword terms relating to your business, guiding new content to target new keyword opportunites, and helping you to build links to your site from reputable third parties to improve your credibility and reputation in the eyes of search engines.


    How can we optimise your SEO efforts?

    Inbound marketing means creating engaging and relevant content for your target audience. But how can you ensure that what you write is performing well? By running a comprehensive analysis of all your content, we can advise you on how to use the right keywords and channels and provide recommendations for your content strategy. Discover more by clicking on the button below:

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