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Job Role Summary

As the Huble Digital Marketing Operations Manager, you will be focusing on the internal marketing activity for Huble.


You will be working closely with the CMO to agree and build a marketing plan and schedule, before taking that plan and making it come to life. 


This is an important phase of growth for Huble, as we enlarge our team and company, as well as focus on regional offices across the UK, USA, Singapore, Germany and South Africa. 


In order to hit our marketing goals, you will work closely with our resourcing, content, design, development, PPC, SEO and PR teams to ensure that we are growing our brand and website, as well as launching numerous campaigns each quarter to help bring in new customers. 


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KEY skills we are
looking for


Proven experience and ability to build a marketing plan, and then making that plan a reality, keeping to schedule and making it a success. 


Experience in-house or agency side on building and executing marketing campaigns for global companies. 


Experience in the enhancement of all marketing operations in order to facilitate lead generation, nurturing, and implementation.


Superb written and oral communications, and an understanding of how to communicate with numerous external and internal stakeholders. 


Experience of working in, or with various teams across content, design, website development, paid media, SEO, public relations and social media.

-Attention to detail

Ability to multitask and handle multiple simultaneous projects, have exceptional problem skills, be self-motivated and proactive, and display composure under stress.

MEET the hiring manager

Matt C - Marketing operations manager

MEET your future team


Working at Huble Digital has been a breath of fresh air. You’ll join a team that is super friendly and supportive of both you and your career progression - always looking past your job title to get to know your individual skills.  

Alicia Wilson

Content Marketing Manager

Working at Huble has contributed immensely to my professional growth thanks to the supportive management. It feels great to be a part of such a winning team and I look forward to many more years here.

Sitho Moyo

Marketing Assistant

I've been with Huble Digital for over seven years now, and our continued growth keeps me excited for the future. I'm really looking forward to expanding our own marketing team and working with you!

Matthew Creswick

Chief Marketing Officer

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