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We’re always looking for ambitious businesses who understand the world is changing, and are driven to adapt and thrive. Take the next step and book a call with our team.

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We’re always looking for ambitious businesses who understand the world is changing, and are driven to adapt and thrive. Take the next step and book a call with our team.

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Showcasing Huble’s

full-suite creative services

Creativity helps businesses express their value proposition in a way that resonates with their target audience. From content that sparks interest and inspires action, to design that creates satisfying user experiences — at Huble we do the creative thing, whatever that entails.

We think... Then we CREATE

Knowing what connects with audiences — and what doesn’t — is a challenge that is only solved with strategy and creative expertise

Huble’s creative department consists of strategy-obsessed experts who bring a wealth of experience to any project.

We take the time to learn about our clients and their business goals and tailor our approach with careful consideration of the ideal customer and their buying journey. Our focus on strategy is why our creative team works so closely with our clients, and our sales and marketing consultants.

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What can't we do?

Our expertise enables us to offer full-suite creative services, including unique offerings developed on a case-by-case basis. As a creative consultancy, we also provide workshops, audits, and strategic support to help improve the creative output of our clients. 

So, that’s what Huble’s creative team do. But what have we done? It’s a tricky question to answer, as we’ve worked with hundreds of companies across multiple industries. 

To make things easier, we’ve split our huge smorgasbord of offerings into two categories: Design and Content.

But our content and design teams get the best results working together

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Our design and content teams provide a holistic solution that addresses the emotional and functional needs of customers and businesses.


The team at Huble Digital are always extremely professional. They are, without a doubt, an expert in their field, and have the skills to translate the often confusing digital world into simple terms that anyone can understand.

Lence Labourg

EMEA Head of Field Marketing at Motorola Solutions

Excellent content creation, creativity and understanding of technically complicated topics. No unnecessary questions, always to the point. These people are top professionals

Silvia Nagyova

Marketing Manager at OSRAM SP

“Huble Digital is an asset to any company: their knowledge and results-driven approach ensure that everyone working with them gets the best possible value

Markus Aregger

Chief Marketing Officer at Interprefy

Huble Design projects


made visible

Ever heard that good design is intelligence made visible? We embody this philosophy and create designs that are memorable, lead to seamless and enjoyable user experiences, and clearly convey the brand’s core messaging and value proposition.



Caton connect
the world

Caton Technology, a leading manufacturer of video encoding and IP connectivity solutions, engaged Huble to build a new website that reflected the quality of their game-changing technology. 

From live streaming sports games in UHD to transporting huge amounts of data, Caton offers a complex array of products that apply to multiple technical use cases. Our website designs and user flow mapping account for these different use cases and aim to create delightful user experiences and a seamless buyer’s journey.

A key part of this project was to create a consistent visual language for Caton’s brand and website. We also worked with our development team to design customisable drag-and-drop website modules, empowering Caton to easily update their website without third-party support.

Positively disruptive

Cutting-edge. Expert. Global. Caton is many things but primarily they are positively disruptive. Our branding and website designs reflect this through bold and playful use of colour, bespoke iconography, and copy that emphasises brand values. These choices were critical in establishing Caton as an innovation-focused brand that values its people and customers as much as it values its technology.


Caton 1
Caton 3
Caton 4
Caton 5
Caton 6
Caton 7
Caton 8


to match an innovative

 A mobile workforce management solution trusted by some of the world’s largest organisations came to us with a problem - while their platform is innovative, their online look was not.  They partnered with Huble to redesign their website and update their brand’s visual language.

In a similar challenge to our Caton project, we needed to condense and communicate their multiple technical solutions and use cases without losing important information about the product’s functionality.

To guide our process, the client gave a brief that all good designers love to hear — they asked for a website that could “win awards.”

Design that scales

We wanted to give the client a professional, future-forward new look. This involved substantial research and a rigorous ideation process, as well as numerous brainstorming sessions with our marketing team. We considered user experience, navigability, and how we could present content as clearly as possible. We also focused on foundational design elements like colour and font choice.

Finally, we settled on a design language that’s slicker than oil on ice, complete with tailormade iconography and on-scroll animations. The result is a clean website that looks fantastic, is a pleasure to navigate, and makes it easy to access product information.


Mpro5 - 3 (2)
Mpro5 - 7
Mpro5 - 8


that stands out from the competition

Isos Technology, an Atlassian Platinum & Enterprise Solution Partner, approached Huble for help refreshing their visual branding and designing a new website that would drive conversions and better highlight their value proposition and services

Instead of the monochromatic branding that is common among tech organisations, Isos wanted their new visual identity to be fun and colourful, yet without being so wild as to alienate the end user. 

Another goal was to spotlight the expert team members who make Isos. This was key to differentiating their offering and emphasising their value statement that Isos drives customer success by putting the right people on the right jobs.

Finding the golden thread

Using their existing brand guidelines as a springboard, our design team experimented with several visual concepts and ways of highlighting Isos’ customer and people-centric approach. 

Our breakthrough involved turning the Isos ‘o’ into a visual motif. By creating a golden thread, this pattern would be woven into Isos’ visual identity. Newly designed web modules, for instance, were given curved edges that reflected this motif and gave the website a unique look and feel. 

By placing Isos’ team members within the circular motif, we visually connected the company with the people who work there. In other words — the people are the brand.

To define Isos' new direction, we designed new imagery and iconography and created a new style guide to support their web development team. We also updated their brand corporate identity guidelines, adding details about colour combinations and using the new elements we had created.

When designing the website, we worked hand-in-hand with our copywriting team to design a user-friendly website that clearly conveys both product information and Isos’ unique value proposition. Click here to learn about the role our content team played in this project. 

Our work with Isos was an overwhelming success. Not only does their new website look good and read well, but it also converts 2x more visitors compared to their old website.

Huble_Portfolio_PitchDeck_1_Jordan_2022-06-08 1


visual identity

Monolith, an AI product development software company, were looking to redefine their visual identity. The company had experienced rapid growth and secured clients at the forefront of their respective industries.

Monolith engaged Huble to design a new look to match their maturity, achievement, and ambition. Modernising their look would be key to cement their position as industry leaders and help them attract even more talent and capital.

Oozing with sophistication

We kicked off the project with numerous strategy sessions involving key stakeholders from the Monolith team. Design work only commenced once we had an excellent grasp of the company’s brand aspirations. 

We then focused on visually communicating the company’s vision “to empower engineers to solve their most intractable physics problems.” Reflecting this idea, we prioritised simplicity of design, which extended to font and colour choices. 

To represent the power and efficiency of Monolith’s solution, we created black and white imagery that signalled fluidity and strength. These images ranged from smooth metallic surfaces to air currents being displaced by a car. 

The visual concepts and updated branding we delivered oozed with sophistication and emphasised Monolith’s brand as modern and technology-led. It was the perfect look to help Monolith unlock their next level of growth.

Monolith 1 (1)
Monolith 2 (1)
Monolith 3
Monolith 4
Monolith 5
Monolith 6
Monolith 7


that illuminate

brand identity


Midstream Lighting, a leading manufacturer of LED lighting technology, were looking for a creative partner to help them refresh their brand identity. We worked with them to craft two visual concepts that would be used to update their digital look and feel.

As Midstream is a lighting company, we wanted to create visually captivating designs that reflect the nature of their work. Our secondary goals were to make web browsing more dynamic and to improve how products are showcased. No dreary catalogue photography allowed. 

Great beams of light!

Of our two deliverables, the winning visual concept took inspiration from the Midstream logo, which our designers reimagined as beams of light. These beams were turned into a visual motif that informed our brand refresh.

We created a series of mock-up web modules and pages to explore how our concept would work in action. Our ‘beam of light’ motif was applied to the mock-ups to create dynamic shapes and spaces. The web modules, for instance, have a highly distinctive, angular look created from the ‘beams’ overlaying imagery.  

Our solution for showcasing their products involved transforming product imagery into line illustrations. The idea was to make technical products more approachable and more visually pleasing to engage with. 

Midstream loved our designs, finding that created a modern and unique look that brilliantly shone a light on the strength of their offerings.

Midstream 1
Midstream 3
Midstream 4
Midstream 5
Midstream 6
Midstream 7


Positioning your customer as the hero of the story

As the fuel that powers inbound sales and marketing, our search-optimised content builds trust and brand affinity. We’re also storytellers who focus on guiding customers through the buyer’s journey. Because, in the end, the customer is the hero of the story.



Our content strategies provide a high-level view of how we use content to achieve our clients’ immediate and long-term business goals. We tailor our strategies to target and attract audiences at every stage of the funnel.

Helping a global telecommunications company to better address business needs

A leading global technology communications company needed to expand their website and reframe their product and brand messaging to better address their customers’ business challenges. We developed and executed a tailored content strategy to position their offerings as ideal solutions to these challenges.


By the end of the project, we had written one pillar page and twenty blog posts per cluster for a total of seven pillar pages, 140 blog posts, and over 105,000 words. At the same time, we created landing and solutions pages that highlighted how our client’s services could solve their customers’ needs.

The result? A vastly expanded website that repositioned our client’s offerings to best address the needs of businesses.

Creating a need-driven content ecosystem

Our content experts collaborated with our lead consultants, designers and search engine marketing team to formulate our content strategy. This strategy guided us to create an entire content ecosystem that caters for both websites and search engines. 

This involved creating clusters of relevant, in-depth blog posts that would target the Awareness, Consideration, and Decision phases of the buyer’s journey. These posts would link to a pillar page providing a high-level view of the topic. With the client, we identified seven topic clusters to target, with each cluster corresponding to a distinct business need. 

We began writing after extensive SEO keyword research. Writing and researching each piece involved exhaustive research, numerous interviews with subject matter experts, and a tiered quality assurance process. 

Screenshot 2022-09-09 161432


We write high-value ebooks that generate leads, connect with audiences, and cement our client’s status as industry experts.

Supercharged lead generation 


tesa, a multinational adhesive solutions company, hired Huble to conceptualise and create content for a series of lead generation campaigns. These campaigns were tailored to a selection of industries ranging from electric vehicle manufacture to printing. 

Bonds that last

The key goal of each campaign was to drive awareness for tesa and their innovative products within the European market. Achieving this goal required adopting a multi-touch omni-channel channel strategy involving paid media, lead nurture, social posting, webinar presentations and writing blog, landing page, and pillar page content. 

A key focus in each campaign was to capture leads using gated, high-quality ebooks. Each ebook would explore the pain points faced by high-level managers and decision-makers within their respective industries. We would then position tesa as the ideal partner to help the reader overcome these pain points. 

As our target audiences have in-depth industry knowledge, our ebooks needed to be informative and incredibly well-researched. We produced five gorgeously designed ebooks, which found great success generating leads and building tesa’s brand authority. 

Two ebooks were so successful that they achieved double the benchmarked conversion rate.

Tesa2 (1)

Links to OUR WORK


We write engaging and search-optimised web copy that informs readers about your brand and value proposition, while encouraging them to take the right actions at the right time. 

Creating a new website for Isos Technology

Isos Technology, an Atlassian Enterprise Solution Partner, approached Huble for help creating a new website that would differentiate their services from their competitors.

Copy that makes the difference  

Along with strong design, website copy is one of the most impactful tools for helping brands stand out among a sea of competitors. But for copy to convert customers, it needs to reflect brand voice, unpack product or service benefits, and clearly state a company’s unique value proposition. That’s a lot of heavy lifting. 

Before writing, we held a number of content workshops with Isos where we refined and standardised their brand messaging, values, and tone, to establish what key information would appear on each web page. Crucially we both wanted the Isos staff and ways of working be featured prominently throughout the website. Our strategy was to leverage Isos’ customer-centric approach and warm, expert team as a market differentiator. 

With the groundwork laid, we wrote search-optimised website content that covered everything from their about page, to their services, and resources. Each page went through a rigorous quality check before being shared with the client.

Our copywriters worked alongside our design team to match the language with the website's look and feel and to deliver the most user-friendly experiences possible. Working together, we created a clean, engaging, informative, and vibrant looking website; one that certainly stands out from the crowd. 

In fact, the new website is so successful that it converts 2x more visitors than their old website.

isos_content_Mockup 2


We develop case studies that establish brand credibility and showcase how client solutions drive success for their end users. 

The social proof is in the pudding

Along with providing strong forms of social proof, case studies help companies celebrate their successes. While we’ve written many case studies for clients across multiple sectors, we’re going to use this space to toot our own horn and spotlight the case studies we’ve created for our internal marketing team.

How we write case studies

Our writing process often includes interviewing clients and internal stakeholders involved in the project. 

We typically structure our case studies to first highlight the challenges our clients face, the goals they need to achieve, and their key drivers for change. After setting the scene, we unpack our unique approach and, where applicable, the technology we used to solve our client’s challenges. 

Results are often the most important part of the case study, which is why we have a dedicated section that calls attention to key statistics and big wins. As our people are our most valuable assets, we close off our case studies by sharing details on the team who worked on the project.

case study


We kickstarted Interprefy’s marketing success by moving them to HubSpot CRM and building a search-engine-optimised, lead-generating website from scratch.

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We helped GfK redefine their global marketing efforts using the HubSpot platform.

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White Lodge

We helped White Lodge Education in Singapore to increase and nurture enrolment requests and increase parent booking conversions online.

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We write attention-grabbing social copy for multiple platforms, including LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. 

Building awareness for Lumenii’s talent assessment tool

Lumenii, a leading HR and talent consultancy, were looking for help promoting their new tool for screening, ranking, and assessing job candidates. This product was launched at HR Indaba, the largest HR conference in Africa. 

Social posts that actually generate clicks 

Gaining traction on social media requires writing engaging copy with messaging that is highly relevant to your target audience. Anything less is like screaming into the void. 

Our social posting strategy was informed by two broader marketing goals: to improve brand and product awareness and to have our posts resonate with the right HR decision-makers. 

As a part of a larger service engagement, we conducted extensive target audience research for Lumenii. This provided our writers with a clear understanding of how Lumenii’s tool would address the pain points of most HR leaders. Armed with this research, we crafted a social media calendar to market the upcoming product. The calendar included which personas to target, the goal underlying each post, and what hashtags, content, and messaging to use. All this upfront work ensured that writing the posts was as easy as connecting dots.

Our strategy-first approach was a massive success, leading to a dramatic increase in website traffic and more than a 100% increase in marketing contacts generated for that quarter.

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Social posting


The company we keep


Huble is one of the only Triple Elite HubSpot partners offering full-suite creative services. From high-level campaign strategy down to designing your new logo — we can provide whatever creative support you need to meet your business goals.


Book a meeting with one of our consultants. We’ll talk about how we can tailor our creative services to meet your unique challenges.