The Huble Digital team helped Wolters Kluwer’s divisional marketing teams to achieve success through Inbound Marketing and HubSpot. This included strategy, training and execution. 


... start running 'true' Inbound campaigns?

The Wolters Kluwer marketing team was struggling to edit, add to and improve their website due it being hard-coded, with no means for the team to access to edit it as they wished. 

As a result, many activities had to be outsourced to various agencies, which proved to be costly and time consuming.

The organisation had been sending a large number of outbound emails to purchased data lists, attempting to reach as many potential customers as possible. There was also a lack of Inbound Marketing collateral and content for contacts to convert on, apart from registering for product demos or purchasing books written by Wolters Kluwer.


... the whole company working with HubSpot.

Huble Digital migrated the Wolters Kluwer website onto the HubSpot CMS platform, giving the team the ability to edit and create website pages much faster. Once built, the Huble Digital team provided expert advice and training on how to use HubSpot, and were only ever a phone call or email away for any troubleshooting, from page creation & workflow set up to Salesforce integration support.

The Wolters Kluwer team were educated on applying Inbound practices to their current content and email marketing strategy. This would ensure leads were nurtured effectively and content offers were presented at the right time. 

"We needed to revise all of our activities"

As a global company, Wolters Kluwer had a large consumer base. However, with the success of straight to purchase email marketing dropping year by year, Wolters Kluwer’s strategy of emailing product material to large email lists was not resulting in the desired customer generation.

The marketing team was also struggling to make any edits or improvements to their website, often having to wait several weeks for web pages to be created or edited at cost. It needed a solution which meant they could take website management in-house, and put marketing campaigns live in hours, rather than days.


HubSpot was the tool which allowed the Wolters Kluwer marketing team to plan, launch, report, and attribute marketing activity without any outsourcing required. 

Already a HubSpot user, Huble Digital team helped ensure that it was connected to SAP, Salesforce and a custom-built backend e-commerce platform, ensuring one version of the truth, and enabling the team to perform better marketing and sales campaigns.



Inbound leads through new content strategy, and counting


10 +

campaigns launched

1200 +

leads generated via PPC

7000 +

leads generated via Inbound Marketing

Jon Chilton

Marketing Manager

“The Huble Digital team have been a really inspirational marketing force within our business, they have transformed our use of HubSpot and proven that inbound is the way forward for our business.”