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We’re always looking for ambitious businesses who understand the world is changing, and are driven to adapt and thrive. Take the next step and book a call with our team.

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Discover how we quickly deployed large-scale paid media campaigns across multiple social channels for Travelport and redefined their reporting of paid social activities so they could manage activity internally.


...successfully manage large scale paid media across multiple channels?

Travelport were struggling with the deployment of large-scale paid media campaigns across LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google. 

While they had already established their target audience and developed a consistent content production process, for the campaigns to be successful on these channels, they needed help running and managing them.

Also, Travelport needed to establish an internal reporting model that ensured those in charge of the campaigns had visibility of the activity and results.  


... large paid media campaigns across several channels with lightning speed.

As Travelport needed the paid media campaigns to be deployed onto their channels quickly, we worked with them – and to very short turnaround times – to set up ads and campaigns, often within 24 hours. 

We also worked closely with Travelport to identify their best-performing social media channel, helping us to focus our activity and provide Travelport with the best cost per lead value. 

To meet Travelport’s reporting requirements, we also helped build several dashboards to enable us and their internal team to assess campaign performance on a weekly and monthly basis. This allowed us and Travelport to see the overall results of the paid media activity.

“We wanted help managing paid social campaigns at scale and across multiple channels.”

Though Travelport had a successful and consistent content strategy (one which was driving new traffic and leads to their website), they were unable to do the same with their paid social campaigns at scale.

To resolve the issue, Travelport knew that they needed to enlist the help of a specialist to ensure the campaigns were launched quickly and managed successfully. 

WIth this in mind, Travelport reached out to Huble Digital, asking for help managing the ads and liaising with the various teams and stakeholders involved.

As for defining the reporting requirements, Travelport asked Huble to produce several reporting dashboards for the team, focusing on specific metrics of success. This ensured that the team had complete visibility of campaign results and new activity.


... paid social quickly and effectively across multiple channels

Over the course of the project, the Huble team has managed more than 300 paid advertising campaigns. These campaigns spread across Google, LinkedIn, Xing, Twitter and Facebook, and are all in different languages and across America, EMEA and APAC. 

The success of the project ultimately came down to the team’s knowledge and understanding of the respective paid advertising platforms used for each of the channels mentioned above. 



Of managed advertisement spend...



Conversion rate achieved across the paid media campaigns (a record high)


Pounds per conversion (a record low)


Campaigns set up across different paid advertising channels

Darren Atkins

Head of Demand Generation

"Huble Digital were instrumental in building and deploying a high volume of paid social campaigns. Their expertise and responsiveness helped us deliver some fantastic results."