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We’re always looking for ambitious businesses who understand the world is changing, and are driven to adapt and thrive. Take the next step and book a call with our team.

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Huble Digital built a content driven PR campaign to increase brand awareness for Incopro, a Brand Protection and Intellectual Property software protection provider, moving it ahead of its competitors.


... get National media coverage for a B2B software brand?

Incopro wanted a PR programme that raised brand awareness and supported new business development in key market sectors of Intellectual Property and Brand Protection. An aim was to raise consumer and business awareness to the risks of purchasing counterfeit branded goods. The key message was based around ‘Making the Internet a safer place for consumers’.

Huble Digital created a PR programme that emphasised the work Incopro already performed with existing clients to protect consumers, and explained why brand and intellectual property protection is important in protecting businesses in a way that resonated with target media.


... to create unique and topical news stories

To execute the objectives and goals set out by Incopro, Huble Digital also created a Market Research campaign that could tap into current news agendas, focusing on the problems regularly faced by consumers and the unknown, yet serious risks that lay underneath the world of counterfeit goods. To support this concept, the Market Research report would investigate the wider societal problems associated with counterfeit goods. This would provide the PR team with unique content to address the wider news agenda – investigating the use of the term ‘fake’ and asking the question ‘Are we living in a fake society?’

“We needed to reposition Incopro from young start up, to established market leader”

Huble Digital worked on building a media profile for the Incopro CEO and other key corporate figures. This included producing rapid response media comments that tapped into current news stories. Providing unique, provocative comments, backed by research, achieved media coverage in The Telegraph, The Independent as well as targeted vertical trade media including IP and Legal, Pharmaceuticals, Automotive, Fashion & Apparel.

Increasing national and sector-specific B2B media helped earn Incopro a large share of voice within different industries while actively engaging with the news agenda around counterfeit goods.


Huble Digital set up a number of analysis tools during the PR programme to accurately record metrics against the primary objective of driving awareness of the Incopro brand.

Using Databox, a business analytics platform, Huble Digital was able to combine data feeds from HubSpot, Google Analytics and Moz to identify key performance indicators to determine impact.

Key metrics of the PR programme included sources of website referral traffic; the growth of new and unique website visitors; and landing page visitors from media websites.

Huble Digital also used Google Analytics and Moz to review how backlinks from media coverage impacted Incopro’s own website domain authority and search engine performance.



Increase over and above the media coverage target



pieces of coverage in 12 months (154% above agreed target)


of coverage appeared in VIP and Tier A publications - above a benchmark of 75%


of online coverage for the year included a backlink to the Incopro website

David Beesley

Huble Digital

“Our PR team built a media presence in national and B2B publications using a content driven PR strategy. This allowed any media engagement from the PR team to be extremely targeted, which showed in the variety of the media coverage. The results were not just focused on media clippings however - the use of best practice SEO and downloadable content meant that PR impact on the client’s website could be accurately measured.”