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We’re always looking for ambitious businesses who understand the world is changing, and are driven to adapt and thrive. Take the next step and book a call with our team.

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We’re always looking for ambitious businesses who understand the world is changing, and are driven to adapt and thrive. Take the next step and book a call with our team.

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How we put property investors on the inside track with a bespoke informational hub informed by expert advice, emerging trends & incoming market shifts.


... get property buyers & sellers to come to us?"

The client is a niche-market real estate agency with multiple offices operating in some of the Western Cape’s most sought-after areas. Prior to contacting us, they had grown from a one-man show orchestrating his business at the dining room table to a highly respected agency with a staff complement of 127.

Then, digital transformation happened. Old, manual processes weren’t cutting it anymore, and — riding the wave of customer-centricity — property investors began to demand better value and faster results from the agencies they chose to work with.

So, how to grow in a rapidly changing world? 

Analyse. Adapt. Address. Automate!

The client needed to align the operational processes of various offices and consolidate customer and property data into one, easily accessible and analytics-rich place. 

The end game: to institute a company-wide automation methodology and provide agents with qualified, contextual data throughout the sales process.

But first, they’d have to get the buyers and sellers to come to them...


the curtain for property investors of all experience levels.

Irresistible to investors, whether first-time buyers or accomplished portfolio owners. The client required a drawcard that provided insider information on property trends and market fluctuations that investors could not find elsewhere.

Their golden ticket? The Investor’s Club — a key that unlocked the door to an echelon that had — up until then — been reserved for the elites of the industry.

Besides providing invaluable insight to potential clients, The Investor’s Club would divide users into investor sellers and investor buyers for database segmentation that generated more qualified leads through valuation requests.

In conjunction with its development, we proposed rolling out a brand new sales process. 

Specifically, two separate pipelines for buyers and sellers using the HubSpot CRM to track each persona as they moved through the buying and selling cycle. This technology would allow us to track the leads that came from The Investor’s Club, as well as those who became customers.

"We couldn’t transform without the skill set of a digital specialist"

Old processes and disparate data pools were hampering the sales cycle for the client’s various offices, while providing no tangible value or easily consumable content to investors moving along the buyer’s journey.

Purchasing a property is one of the biggest decisions we’re likely to make, so leads will be more likely to go with an agency that’s attentive to their needs and makes them feel valued. The client’s current infrastructure did not allow for quick response time, investor segmentation, or a full view of the buyer’s journey. This meant that agents ‘on the road’ were slowed down by manual processes and did not have the relevant information on-hand to strike when interest was high or nudge a prospect in the best direction based on their need state.

Combine the above points with a slow property market and flagging sales, and it’s clear why the client zoned-in on a business-wide ‘digital evolution’ to get the jump on competitors and stimulate new sales.

USHERING... the age of the HubSpot CRM

To transform the way the client operated, we proposed housing business-wide data and agent administration under one automated, marketing and sales powerhouse.

The HubSpot CRM.

Using The Investor’s Club as a gateway product to channel leads to the HubSpot CRM, we would meet and exceed client goals in the following ways:

Know the customer: Building deep customer segmentation to allow for contextual communications across the business, at scale.

Provide real value: Segmented customer data to provide value-added communication journeys that drive action in both buyer and seller segments.

For buyers: Matching them with the properties that suit their user profiles.

For sellers: Generating more valuations for more leads in the ‘selling pipeline’.

Empower sales: Provide high quality, qualified data to agents to assist with the selling process and give potential investors an awesome contextual experience.


R17 Million

Influenced revenue over the course of The Investor’s Club campaign



influenced investor contacts


new sign ups


new visitors sessions on the client's website

Mike Greef


‘’Thanks to the Huble Digital team, we’ve been able to consolidate and automate the sales agent process using the HubSpot CRM. They also assisted in the planning and development of a lead generation tool titled The Investor's Club, which housed valuable business data for buyers and sellers.”