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We’re always looking for ambitious businesses who understand the world is changing, and are driven to adapt and thrive. Take the next step and book a call with our team.

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We’re always looking for ambitious businesses who understand the world is changing, and are driven to adapt and thrive. Take the next step and book a call with our team.

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We helped CaseWare to deploy Inbound Marketing best practices while implementing an extensive content marketing strategy. 


... ensure our content is actually generating leads?

CaseWare’s software is widely used throughout the corporate sector (including by four of the top five accounting firms) for the preparation of final accounts and corporation tax filing.

However, CaseWare’s marketing team wanted to expand the business’ influence and generate more leads. To that end, they wanted to run comprehensive Content Marketing campaigns to generate a greater volume of leads through the website and deploy HubSpot in the process.


... high-quality, targeted content.

Huble Digital helped CaseWare to define their buyer personas and develop a comprehensive content strategy around topics that would help their prospects solve a specific problem. 

The team assisted CaseWare in developing a regular content programme – delivering case studies, eBooks, blogs and social media material. High-quality assets were gated and calls-to-action (CTAs) were included throughout to capture prospect data. Thanks to this regular blogging programme and SEO, not only has CaseWare improved their website’s overall ranking on search engines, they’ve also increased their website traffic and enquiries.

“We needed high-quality content to attract website visitors and generate leads.”

CaseWare was struggling with low lead generation. They were in the process of redesigning their website and required a stream of high-quality content that would attract website visitors and enable them to engage with them. 

While there was plenty of freely available case studies and blogs detailing industry news and charity activity on CaseWare's website, there was a lack of in-depth eBooks and articles that could be gated behind a form. By using HubSpot, there was an opportunity to capture data from prospects via forms gating content, which would enable CaseWare to convert leads and build a better picture of their prospects.


To successfully grow, Caseware needed to employ HubSpot to help drive website visitors and quickly and efficiently capture leads to pass on to its sales teams.

With the creation of gated content, HubSpot allowed CaseWare to capture data from prospects via forms to help them better understand their buyer personas and guide future content creation. HubSpot was also crucial in CaseWare hosting and analysing their content to transition it to a highly analytical and measurable Inbound Marketing strategy.



Blogs to transform the success of content marketing activity



Engaging eBooks created to drive new leads


To turn around content marketing activity


social clicks generated

Shez Hamil

Sales & Marketing Director

“The team at Huble Digital have helped us to build and execute a content strategy that targets all of our key audiences with engaging and informative content, as well as highlight key HubSpot best practices for promoting our content on the website.”