Huble Digital laid the foundation of DTS Solutions’ content strategy by producing a series of high-quality, search engine optimised blogs to help them increase website traffic and lead generation. 


... generate more leads and enquiries?

While DTS Solutions’ website had a lot of product and service-based content – typically used at the middle and bottom of the funnel – it had very little to actually attract those at the awareness stage of the buyer journey.

The DTS Solutions team needed help with search engine optimisation (SEO) and content creation to help interested parties to find their website.

Those arriving on the website needed concise, well-researched and relevant two-way radio and communications content to help DTS Solutions build trust with their target audience, demonstrate their expertise and lay the foundation for the business to become a thought leader in the two-way radio communications space.


... content for marketing, sales and service.

The team started by conducting a content audit of the DTS Solution website to establish missing content then set up interviews with DTS Solutions’ subject matter experts to create content synopses.

Once these were approved by DTS Solutions’ experts, the Huble content team built out the blogs in the CMS.

To ensure these blogs could be found via search engines and their target audience, the Huble team utilised SEO best practices and specific keyword terms based around DTS Solutions’ service provision.

“We were struggling to bring new leads to our website.”

While DTS Solutions had a lot of content on their website, they noticed they were failing to bring in new leads or organic traffic back to their website. Current content focused only on the middle and bottom of the funnel and not those at the awareness stage of the buyer’s journey. 

DTS solutions knew they needed a consultancy to help lay the foundation of their content strategy and provide relevant, high quality, optimised blogs, which they could then build on going forward. 


DTS Solutions knew that they needed high-quality, search engine optimised content to increase their visibility on search engines and drive website traffic.

The Huble Digital content team used Google Analytics, and Brightedge to help guide and focus content around specific keywords - enabling DTS Solutions to attract the right people to their website and drive lead generation activity.



Increase in DTS keywords ranking on page 1 of Google search results.



New search engine optimised blogs driving website traffic


Blogs ranking on page 1 of Google for specific keyword terms


New pillar page ranking on page 1 of Google following the blogging campaign

Ashely Garwood

Marketing Manager

“The Huble Digital team has been a great asset to our team, enabling us to really focus our efforts on the attract phase of the buyer journey. From the initial content audit through to the final piece of content, they are a very structured and process-driven team providing great results”.