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We’re always looking for ambitious businesses who understand the world is changing, and are driven to adapt and thrive. Take the next step and book a call with our team.

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Are you looking to implement HubSpot while minimising business disruption? We share why proper HubSpot training and onboarding is so crucial to guaranteeing a seamless HubSpot implementation.

So, you’re looking to grow your business through HubSpot’s CRM platform. Or maybe you’ve outgrown your CRM and have decided to migrate to HubSpot’s greener pastures. Either way, HubSpot isn’t a plug and play tool. It’s a powerful system and you need the right strategy to guide your CRM implementation process. 

After all, nearly every employee depends on customer information to succeed in their role. What happens to your business’s performance, for example, if your sales teams struggle to access key information about their leads? All because they aren’t trained to use your dang-fangled new CRM system.  

Fortunately, companies can minimise the business disruption caused by CRM implementation. The trick is to build a comprehensive onboarding strategy that focuses on HubSpot training.  

Why a solid onboarding strategy is crucial to implementing HubSpot 

When it comes to business transformation, too many organisations are prone to magical thinking. For instance, many companies believe that implementing an impressive software solution is what drives success. But they’re playing make-believe. This is because your teams drive your success — not your software.

From a CRM perspective, HubSpot is a truly impressive platform. But it should be seen less as a transformational solution and more as a business tool. Like any tool, the more proficient your teams are at using HubSpot, the more they can get out of it. The opposite is also true. If your teams don’t know how to use your CRM, then they aren’t able to drive business success. 

And let’s not kid around — implementing CRM is expensive. So the faster your teams gain HubSpot proficiency, the faster you’ll see a healthy ROI. As a study by Nucleus Research shows, successfully implemented CRM can pay you back a whopping $8.71 for every dollar spent. 

So, how do you train your teams to use HubSpot?

From your finance department to your customer service team, your CRM serves many masters. To ensure that your staff are receptive to HubSpot training, you should first explain how each department will benefit from moving to the platform. Getting employee buy-in is one of the most critical challenges to CRM implementation. Once each department knows ‘what’s in it for them,’ they should be in an excellent position to embrace the onboarding process. 

To successfully onboard your teams onto HubSpot, you should account for the following:


  • CRM change management — your CRM should empower and improve your processes. As such, you shouldn’t have to change your processes to fit your new tech stack. Change management strategies help you control change and guarantee that your teams, processes, and goals seamlessly adapt to HubSpot. 

Along with getting employee buy-in, change management involves presenting a clear vision of how HubSpot will help your organisation achieve loftier business objects. Another strategy is to turn stakeholders like department heads into HubSpot champions. It’s their job to become HubSpot experts who can lead and encourage their teams throughout the change process.


  • HubSpot training — learning HubSpot is made easier by the fact that it’s one of the most intuitive and user-friendly CRM platforms available. That being said, your staff still need HubSpot training to maximise the value they get out of the platform. 

While the HubSpot Academy has courses that teach the platform, organising workshops with HubSpot experts is an opportunity for more hands-on training. At Huble Digital, for instance, we offer personalised training sessions and team workshops where we answer questions and solve CRM issues that are unique to your business. 


How Huble Digital can help

Without the right onboarding strategy in place, organisations moving to HubSpot may experience business disruption and a slow journey to achieving ROI. While it’s possible to onboard your staff internally, partnering with HubSpot implementation specialists removes many of the risks associated with moving to a new CRM. 

At Huble Digital, we’ve supported over 250 companies in their CRM implementation process. We build a tailored and holistic strategy to guide HubSpot implementation. Alongside change management and training, our services cover everything from data migration and sales processes to reporting and automation are set up correctly from the get-go. 

But we also understand that HubSpot training is an ongoing process. This is why we offer our continued support to make sure you’ve got everything you need to thrive in HubSpot.

If you’re interested in our HubSpot training service, then book a meeting with one of our consultants by clicking the button below. We can also chat about your business challenges and how we can tailor our service to meet your specific needs.

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