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We’re always looking for ambitious businesses who understand the world is changing, and are driven to adapt and thrive. Take the next step and book a call with our team.

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We’re always looking for ambitious businesses who understand the world is changing, and are driven to adapt and thrive. Take the next step and book a call with our team.

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Want to get the most out of HubSpot but don't have the time or resource? Our HubSpot support packages can help. In this blog, we'll explain what's included in our HubSpot support packages. 

At the Huble Digital, we have a number of 'HubSpot support' customers. These customers have purchased our support package because they need help getting the most out of HubSpot. 

HubSpot is a huge platform, and it can be expensive. Therefore, getting the most out of it is key to your marketing, sales and customer service success.  

But even for a large marketing team, configuring and using all of its different tools can be a challenge. That's where we come in. 

In this blog we share some examples of how our team can help you to get the most out of HubSpot using our support package.

Website page creation and guidance  

As part of your HubSpot support package, we offer a bucket of support hours for you to use.

For example, you could ask us to help with website page guidance and creation. This includes designing, editing and publishing website pages, as well as optimising them for conversions and users.  

We can also continuously grow your website, adding new pages on a regular basis to increase its authority and benefit your business over the long term, as well as editing pages live within the tool to responsive design.

Website template development

If you're using the HubSpot Content Management System to create things slightly more technical than landing pages, blogs and emails, our team can help.

We have a team of developers. They spend most of their time working with the HubSpot Design Manager (and love it, of course), so we can design bespoke templates or edit existing ones.   

Landing page creation 

Need a landing page to support your marketing activity? No problem.

Using HubSpot's best practices, we can create engaging and visually striking landing pages for you to use in your marketing campaigns.

To increase the number of conversions, we craft compelling copy that clearly communicates the value of your offer to readers.

Lastly, because we've done it so many times, we know just what features and designs will draw visitors in and keep them on the page. We can advise and help you to create landing pages for different audiences and scenarios. 

Blog page creation

You can also use your support hours for blog page creation and publishing.

Our team will build out and publish blogs on your behalf. We'll even search engine optimise those blogs and include relevant keywords in the copy to ensure they can be found by the right people. 

To help you generate leads, we'll create a variety of calls-to-action (CTAs) in the form of banners, buttons and text. These CTAs will then be included throughout your blogs to provide more conversion points. 

And that's not all. After publishing a blog, we'll regularly check its performance - views by source, subscribers, conversion rates - to see how well its doing and work out what could be improved. 

Email marketing creation and build 

Need to develop and personalise a series of emails for your marketing or sales campaigns? 

We can advise you on best practice and help create an email marketing process and deploy campaigns.

We will segment your existing email lists against your buyer personas, create email templates and draft engaging, personalised email copy. These emails can then be sent out to targeted segments of your email list. 

Workflow management and guidance 

Our expert email marketing consultants can create email workflows in HubSpot to improve lead nurturing and engagement. These workflows will ensure you are able to reach out to prospects and customers at the right time. 

Using list segmentation, workflows and logic procedures, we work with you to determine how best to interact with your contacts to deliver timely and relevant content. 

Reporting setup  

Using your HubSpot support hours we can create and set up reports on your HubSpot dashboard that allow you to monitor marketing and sales activity.  

In addition, we can advise on best practice reporting, including how to set up reports so they show the data you want and need to see.

CRM and lead management  

Though the possibilities are endless - especially with workflow automation - lead management can be hard work.

If you have an undocumented or complex lead management process, we can help you to build it out or simplify it before implementing it into HubSpot. We'll also train your team and test the process to ensure its running smoothly. 

Social media publishing  

Our social media support programmes make sure that you get the most out of the social tools. We can connect your accounts or create them from scratch if your business doesn’t yet have a presence on a particular channel 

We also draft and schedule social media posts using HubSpot. These posts are distributed across the channels relevant to your business to promote new and existing content.

Also, our experts will ensure there's a balance between self-promotion and other content. For example, for Twitter we source industry news and retweet/comment on interesting posts to engage with other experts. 

If your target audience uses LinkedIn, which is incredibly useful in B2B at the moment, we will research and join groups relevant to your industry. Then, using your spokespeople's accounts, we'll post thought-provoking content into these groups on your behalf, helping to raise brand awareness and establish your spokespeople as thought leaders.

We will of course ensure that we have full sign off before we join any groups or schedule posts. 

Forms best practice and building  

Want to build forms that convert? Just ask us and we'll spend some time on them. 

If you need custom form fields to ask specific questions and obtain the information you need to qualify leads in or out, we can add those in, too.

Also, if you have an upcoming campaign, we can advise you on form capture requirements and execution. For example, you might need to use progressive profiling and dependent fields for follow up questions with existing contacts.

What have we missed? CONTENT!

All of this HubSpot support is great but you need to be generating content at scale if you want any real return on your HubSpot investment. 

As well as the above, we help lots of companies to create remarkable content that attracts, converts, closes and delights customers. Our experts will familiarise themselves with your company, buyer personas and key messaging to create amazing content.

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