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We’re always looking for ambitious businesses who understand the world is changing, and are driven to adapt and thrive. Take the next step and book a call with our team.

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CRM isn’t just a piece of software - it’s a mindset that will help you gain and maintain a leading edge over competitors. In this blog, we discuss what it means to have the appropriate CRM system in place to ensure your business remains customer-centric.

Think of three brands that you’re loyal to - what do they all have in common? 

I’d be willing to bet that, alongside a great product or service, the common theme is that they all deliver a great customer experience. 

For me, Uber Eats sending me a promo code for my favourite Thai takeaway spot, exactly when I’m deciding on what to eat for dinner, is an example of a great customer experience. They understand what I as a customer need - which is the foundation of a good customer relationship. 

So, thinking about your own business, how are you managing your customer relationships? 

Is your business customer-centric?

“The customer is always right”. The saying might have become somewhat of a platitude, however, the notion remains vital to any successful business. The customer should always be treated as if they are right. 

Now more than ever, the success of your business depends on the happiness of your customers. Thanks to the rising importance of online customer reviews in the digital age, they’re armed with the tools to make or break your brand - and they should be treated as such. According to Qualtrics, 91% of 18-34-year-olds trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations, and 93% of consumers say that online reviews influenced their purchase decisions

Customer-centricity means that every person in your business places the customer experience first, no matter whether their role is customer-facing or not. In a truly customer-centric organisation, the question that you should be asking yourself whenever any business decision is made is:  “How will this affect our customers?” 

If you’re reading this and thinking to yourself “my business might not be totally customer-centric after all..”, then you’re not alone. Many organisations are realising that they aren’t truly customer-centric - and are starting to see the implications of this on revenue and growth.


How do you become customer-centric?

By intentionally designing an incredible customer journey, and then ensuring that journey is scalable. 

Simple, right? 

Yet at Huble Digital, we see countless companies approaching customer-centricity by focusing only on the surface (customer service scripts, review sites), without first looking at the core of their business. 

In fact, the first step to becoming fully customer-centric involves choosing the right CRM software for your needs - a software that will grow with you and allow you to delight customers at all stages of the buyers’ journey.  On top of this, enlisting the correct professionals and consultants to help makes all the difference for creating unique and effective customer journeys. 

The right CRM consultants will engineer a journey that delights your customers at every stage: 

  • onboarding

  • upselling

  • cross-selling 

  • delivering customer service support 

The right, scalable, CRM software enables you to take that wonderful customer experience and deliver it to your hundreds, thousands, even millions of customers internationally. 

CRM isn’t just a piece of software - it’s a mindset that should help you gain and maintain a leading edge over competitors. With a more sophisticated approach to your customers, the sale really is just the beginning. 

1. Find the right CRM

If your customers are at the centre of your business, your CRM should be too. CRM software is the single most important tool that you as a business will invest in. 

Managing your customer information in a single tool, accessible across all of your departments, is key for achieving a single source of truth across the business. The HubSpot CRM is built differently from other CRM software - it’s built with the customers at the core. It’s software for customer experience, not software for sales reps, and it’s a powerful tool on the journey to becoming truly customer-centric.

Companies that view CRM as a mindset, not just a piece of software, and actively put the customer experience at the centre of their business are the ones who truly disrupt and grow. Providing personalised experiences that grow customer loyalty is key - and the HubSpot CRM enables you to do this. 

-To find out how you can become a digital disruptor, download our free Digital Maturity PDF-


2. Find the right CRM specialists

Every business is different - and there’s no such thing as a one size fits all approach when it comes to CRM. 

Once you’ve chosen your CRM software, you’ll want to examine your overarching business goals alongside your various teams needs to see where processes can be streamlined and automated by CRM technology. 

The set-up and change implementation can feel overwhelming - that’s where we come in. We’ve made it our mission to use HubSpot’s powerful CRM tools to transform businesses. Together, we can roll out exactly the platforms you need and assist with team onboarding. Check out our Sales and CRM services for more on how we can help take your business to the next level.

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