Content is still king when it comes to the world of Inbound Marketing - and I want to start the new year by revealing which of our blogs that were posted in 2018 performed the best. The blogs range from interview style pieces, through to HubSpot website design advice and examples. In addition, it's no surprise that given the publicity around GDPR in May 2018, that a GDPR based piece of content came out on top. 

We increased the amount of content produced through our blog in 2018, and it really does show. The page views that our blog receives has increased over 300% from 2017 to 2018, and below you can find the most successful blogs that drove that increase!


Top 15 B2BML Inbound blogs of 2018:


#15 - The death of the funnel - an interview with Brian Halligan  

"I’ve been using the funnel for 28 years – my whole career – but while the funnel has been a very useful device for a long time, there are a couple of problems with it"... Read more



#14 - B2B website trends changing the industry in 2018  

B2B website trends blog imageWith website design and development constantly changing, keeping your business’ website ahead of the competition (and subsequently ensuring its able to attract and... Read More 



#13 - HubSpot enters CMS market with standalone CMS  

HubSpot CMS 2Previously, if you wanted to build your website using the HubSpot content management system (CMS), you had to purchase a HubSpot marketing licence (Basic, Professional or... Read More




#12 - The Benefits of Leasing Your Website and Where to Start  

HubSpot Website leasing-622514-edited

One of the biggest challenges small and medium-sized B2B businesses have when getting a new website developed is affordability. Few businesses can afford the luxury of having... Read More



#11 - Goodbye HubSpot COS and welcome HubSpot CMS  

HubSpot CMS

With the renaming of its COS to CMS, HubSpot have “officially” entered the CMS market and joined us and the rest of the world who are all using the same term to describe it... Read More



#10 - Dan Tyre's top tips for conducting a sales call  

"When you're making sales calls - stand up and be friendly, you'll be surprised by the response you get back!"... Read More 



#9 - Five things you need to know about HubSpot Website Design  

HubSpot Website Design

Even though you have been able to build awesome websites in HubSpot for a few years now, with this change, HubSpot ‘officially’ enters the CMS market and begins its journey... Read More



#8 - The 5 workflows you need for successful lead management in HubSpot  

Screen Shot 2018-06-18 at 16.25.16If you’re using the HubSpot Professional or Enterprise software, you have access to a key marketing tool which isn’t included with any of the smaller versions of HubSpot... Read More



#7 - The ultimate cheat sheet on HubSpot Lead Sources  

Screen Shot 2018-07-13 at 16.58.49

In marketing, context is everything. Before you engage with your leads - no matter where they are in the sales funnel - you should always know how they first found your... Read More



#6 - HubSpot Tracking Links - How to create custom tracking URLs  

hubspot tracking links - how to create custom tracking URLs

Every now and then you will need to promote a page through a channel that HubSpot or Google Analytics has difficulty recording properly. When this happens, you end... Read More



#5 - The 10 essential features of a B2B website  

Essential features website 3

When it comes to developing a website for your B2B company, there are several different elements which need to be considered. Design, layout, navigation... Read More



#4 - Five amazing websites built using the HubSpot CMS  


If you accept that your website meets your prospects before you do, you will also appreciate that it plays a crucial role in convincing them to engage with your business... Read More




#3 - Why having a website is so important for B2B companies  


One of the fundamentals of doing business in 2018 is that your website meets your prospects before you do. But what does that mean? It means that your potential... Read More



#2 - What is a Buyer Persona - and why is it important?  

A buyer persona is, according to HubSpot, a semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer. It’s based on market research, actual data about your existing customers... Read More



#1 - Preparing for GDPR: What does it mean for HubSpot users?  

GDPR HubSpot.jpg

What is the GDPR? Now in force, as of May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the most important change in data privacy and data management in the last 20... Read More


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