At The B2B Marketing Lab, not only do we run monthly, classroom-based HubSpot training sessions at our offices in central London, we also run fortnightly HubSpot training webinars. 

Last Wednesday, our Client Services Director, Jessica Packer, and Group Head of Marketing, Matthew Creswick, ran a webinar on how to build a content strategy in HubSpot. 

In it they discuss the fundamentals of building a content strategy - including:

  • The buyer journey
  • Building buyer personas
  • Understanding challenges and pain points
  • Evaluating existing content and carrying out content audits
  • Keyword research
  • Content brainstorming
  • Topic clusters and building a content strategy in HubSpot

You can watch the webinar for free below: 

The B2B Marketing Lab - HubSpot Training (7)

If you'd like to view all previous webinars and sign up for future ones, you can do so via this link: 

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