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We’re always looking for ambitious businesses who understand the world is changing, and are driven to adapt and thrive. Take the next step and book a call with our team.

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We’re always looking for ambitious businesses who understand the world is changing, and are driven to adapt and thrive. Take the next step and book a call with our team.

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Many people think that to work at a HubSpot consultancy, such as Huble Digital, you need to be 100% HubSpot trained & certified. But that’s not necessarily the case. In this blog, we dive into the skills required for working at a HubSpot consultancy. 

As a Senior Account Manager at Huble Digital, one needs to be able to juggle and adjust to a myriad of roles - but that’s what is exciting about working at an ever-growing and expanding digital business consultancy!

Huble Digital sits in HubSpot’s highest solutions partner tier - the “Elite” tier. This means we’re one of only 21 partners globally (out of 5,836) recognised for supporting a large portfolio of HubSpot clients with large-scale solutions. Therefore, a large number of our projects involve onboarding and supporting clients with HubSpot and helping them to scale and grow through our marketing and growth services such as content and design.

However, many people think that to work at a HubSpot consultancy such as Huble Digital, you need to be 100% HubSpot trained & certified. But that’s not necessarily the case. 

While having a background in CRM and digital is beneficial, if you are open to learning and have an interest in technology, our incredible team will be able to onboard and upskill you in no time. 

We of course welcome HubSpot specialists who already have experience and certifications with HubSpot, but with the guidance of our team, and the HubSpot Academy, you are in the most capable hands possible to grow your digital career.

So, if you don’t need years of HubSpot experience to work in a HubSpot consultancy, what skills are required to work at a consultancy such as Huble Digital? Let's dive in!

Are you the talent we’re looking for?

We understand not everyone comes from a HubSpot background, but if you are open to learning and love a good challenge, then you’ve found the right place.

Client Service Team

As a Senior Account Manager, I am part of the Client Service team. It’s our responsibility to make sure that all projects run smoothly and on time, liaising between both our clients and internal team members. 

Key skills to be successful in this role:

  • Strong EQ

  • Diligence 

  • Always-on attitude to learning 

  • Problem-solver 

  • Understanding of project management 

  • Great communication skills 

  • Great at building trusted relationships 

As a company, we need to make sure that we deliver and exceed our clients’ expectations, and the Client Service team ensures that this is possible.

Sales Team

As we continue to grow internationally, we require our business development team to expand into different markets. Having the ability to listen and understand prospects’ challenges and propose strategic solutions to their needs, is paramount for the success of this role.

Key skills to be successful in this role:

  • Ambitious 

  • Goal-driven

  • Passion for sales

  • Confidence selling in-person and remotely 

  • Proactive 

  • Great communication skills

  • Great listener - every prospect is different! 


Javascript, CSS, SQL, HTML… is this your language? As we work with larger enterprise clients who require complex large-scale solutions, we are continuously growing our team of both Front-end and Back-end Developers. Our Development projects are not only limited to working on the HubSpot platform and CMS -  so individuals with experience working across other software and integrations is preferable. 

Key skills to be successful in this role:

  • Analytical

  • Problem-solver

  • Proactive

  • Action-oriented

  • Resourceful

  • Results-driven

  • Flexible and adaptable in an ever-changing environment

  • Passionate 

  • Innovative 

We love developers who are passionate about their work and love sharing their knowledge with the wider team to help and inspire others!

HubSpot Specialists

If you love technology, you can take initiative and are always looking for new and better ways to do things, then being part of the Hubspot MarTech team could be the right fit for you!

Key skills to be successful in this role:

  • Solution-oriented

  • Driven

  • Research-driven

  • Analytical

  • Highly motivated

  • Passion for helping others

  • Always-on attitude to learning

  • Great communications skills 

  • Team Player 

Your day-to-day tasks involve understanding, configuring and automating the best technological solutions for our clients and helping the Client Service team deliver the best possible results for their clients.

Digital Marketers

Content Writers, Designers, Paid Media Specialists, Marketing Strategists, Marketing Consultants  - these are the types of talent we are constantly on the lookout for at Huble Digital.

Our Digital Marketing Specialists help organisations create and implement strategic marketing campaigns to increase brand awareness and generate leads for their business. Individuals who have had hands-on experience with online marketing tools, methodologies, and practices, have a flare for design or are wizards with words - we are looking for you!


You don’t have to be a HubSpot aficionado to work at a HubSpot consultancy. At Huble Digital, we hire individuals with a myriad of skills - all we require is a high aptitude and an openness and eagerness to learn. 

HubSpot is a powerful tool that can be taught to people with the right mindset; we are on the lookout for individuals who are intelligent, adaptable, and ambitious professionals looking to advance their careers in a fast-paced and fun working environment.

To chat with us about joining our Huble family, see our open vacancies here.

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