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We’re always looking for ambitious businesses who understand the world is changing, and are driven to adapt and thrive. Take the next step and book a call with our team.

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From building marketing strategies, to liaising across departments, and creating marketing activities that showcase return on investment — CMOs are in nonstop communication with all teams within the company. 

By developing a well-rounded understanding of all business processes within the company, you can establish a multidisciplinary approach. This blog post explores qualities that will help CMOs improve their multidisciplinary approach and the benefits of using CRM to supercharge marketing efforts.

CMOs are trained to handle complexity and ambiguity in their day-to-day lives. But as you know, they also have a lot on their plate and can often overlook important aspects of their role. Here are 5 qualities we think CMOs should develop to make their jobs easier:

5 qualities of a multidisciplinary CMO

1. Adaptability 

In an ever-evolving business landscape, CMOs must be flexible. From changing your business perspective to changing marketing campaigns — as a CMO you should always be prepared for shifts in the market and be willing to diversify your marketing efforts accordingly. 

2. Big picture thinking 

Instead of considering just your team, the multidisciplinary CMO can speak on behalf of the business strategy. Your marketing strategy should be developed while keeping all departments of the business, as well as future developments in mind. 

It should also focus on how different departments can work together while supporting the company as a whole.

3. Up to date on trends

Marketing trends have changed with the rise of social media and shorter videos. 59% of current marketers view video as one of the top content formats to use — according to HubSpot. While the impact of social media trends isn’t anything new, a CMO should be utilising these trends to its advantage. 

A multidisciplinary CMO needs to be aware of the digital marketing industry and the shifts it is facing.

4. Human-centric 

A good team leader needs to consider both the business and its employees before making decisions. To be human-centred, you need to consider how your employees want to work and inspire them to work well. 

The philosophy of quiet quitting is on the rise as employees feel undervalued and burnt out from their jobs — taking a human-centred approach could help you avoid this amongst staff members. 

5. Data-driven 

CMOs need to evaluate and report on the effectiveness of all marketing activities, however, they currently face unprecedented amounts of data. This is where CRM platforms can come in handy. Data management tools can help you understand your consumer’s patterns and behaviors better without combing through large amounts of data.

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How CRM can help CMOs

CRMs like HubSpot offer a plethora of benefits for busy CMOs. Constantly interacting with different departments and their data can make it difficult to manage the flow of information needed. CRMs can help CMOs establish a consistent multidisciplinary approach. Here’s how: 

1. Improve customer experience 

CRMs can help you be adaptable and aware of trends when it comes to customer experience. From knowing if your website needs a live chatbot to assist clients, to understanding your customer journeys better — CRMs can help you improve your customers’ experience with curated content and lasting relationships. 

2. Maintain a centralised database across your organisation 

To prevent information silos from forming in your business, a centralised database can create a single source of truth amongst departments.  A centralised database can also help you embrace the important CMO quality of being data-driven as you report on marketing activities. 

3. Create sales and marketing reports

CRMs enable your team to collect and organise data about customers and prospects with features like sales dashboards and reports. This allows for easy viewing of leads and revenue streams and offers yet another way for you to become a more data-driven CMO. 

4. Ensure team communication is consistent with the brand 

Communication can be facilitated within the CRM to help client-facing teams keep a specific brand image and tone of voice. As a CMO you need to incorporate big-picture thinking for all departments in the business, while also having a human-centric approach toward team communication. 


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Establish your CRM

To establish a consistent multidisciplinary approach you need to manage the flow of information within your organisation. That’s why you need a CRM platform to help configure data into KPIs and ROI. 

At Huble, our HubSpot CRM onboarding process helps you implement a CRM solution that is personalised to your needs. You’ll easily be able to onboard current team members, add new ones, and simplify the reports and data needed in your day-to-day operations. 

Contact one of our consultants today to see how they can help you establish a CRM.

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