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We’re always looking for ambitious businesses who understand the world is changing, and are driven to adapt and thrive. Take the next step and book a call with our team.

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In this blog, we look at the evolution of marketing with key insights on lead generation for your 2022 marketing strategy, with David Fallarme, CMO at On Deck.

As more businesses and consumers move online, lead generation strategies have had to evolve alongside it. We recently sat down with David Fallarme, Marketing Director at On Deck, to discuss the evolution of lead generation, explore what a winning strategy looks like in 2022, and more. 

Here’s what he had to say to our own CMO, Matthew Creswick, about the lead generation trends he’s observed during his decade-long experience in Marketing, and what we can expect moving into 2022. 

Watch the full interview in this video. 

Lead generation has evolved, have you?

Generating demand for products has always been the ultimate goal of marketing strategies, however, how companies achieve this constantly changes. Lead generation first started with one-way communication, via broadcast channels like TV and radio, and has since evolved exponentially across platforms and media. 

According to David, thanks to the rise of social media the current shift in marketing is from centralisation to decentralisation. This suggests that businesses no longer hold all the information (and power) on their products and brand. Instead, it's dispersed amongst communities and buyers.

To keep their lead generation strategies relevant, brands need to identify changes within the market and adjust accordingly. As marketing becomes decentralised, lead generation strategies change with it. The rise of demand via the use of influencer marketing is a perfect example of this. David’s one overarching belief for marketing is to “create value before you capture value.”

5 reasons you need new lead generation strategies

Perhaps you’re wondering why you need to update your lead generation strategies for 2022? Here are several reasons last year’s strategy just won’t cut it in the new year:

  1. You need to keep targeting the right audience. Lead generation needs to be value-focused, and your audience isn’t in the same place they were last year. Their pressures, needs, wants and desires have all changed with the times, and so should your outreach. 

  2. Building brand loyalty is a continuous job. You’ve provided value with their permission, and need to keep doing so in a way that’s relevant to your prospects’ current experience. 

  3. You'll prevent tone-deaf brand communication. Revising your strategy ensures any tactics you plan on rolling outstays relevant to your target audience, and are sensitive to the cultural moment.

  4. Relevant strategies ensure you achieve your lead gen goals. With an up-to-the-minute lead generation strategy, you’ll be able to continue attracting, nurturing and converting prospects to high quality, qualified leads. 

  5. Personalising your message is no longer a nice-to-have. Consumers expect targeted messaging that’s personalised to their needs, and fast, efficient service. Revising your strategy ensures you harness the latest tactics and tech to help make that happen.

5 lead generation tips for 2022

 Here are 5 essential tips to ensure your 2022 lead generation strategy is en pointe:

  1. Write high-quality blog posts. With Over 4.4 million blog posts a day, make sure yours stands out. Include problem-solving information and calls to action.

  2. Start a podcast. This can help build relationships with your target audience and create a larger network. For example, our own podcast, Digital Surfing was designed to help our clients and create a larger audience. Listen to some of our episodes here.  

  3. Delve into communities. Use chat platforms to create or join communities typically used by your target audience.

  4. Update your target persona. Opt for monthly check-ins to make sure your target persona is up to date.

  5. Leverage marketing automation. Effective use of marketing automation will help you scale your marketing efforts and your business. Here’s how to ensure you’re using it to your full business benefit. 

How Huble Digital can help

David’s key advice for marketers was to think of their firms as “media companies” rather than “marketing organisations.” This is something he believes that HubSpot has done well. 

Huble Digital helps companies transform with HubSpot. From high-quality content to ongoing support, to web architecture and strategy and much more, Huble will be your partner throughout it all. Discuss your needs with our team to see how we can help you

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