Huble Digital expands its reach into the USA through partnership with Chicago-based Be Found Online.

2014 got off to a fantastic start for the B2B Marketing Laboratory when we became an official BrightEdge partner for its sophisticated SEO software. Since then, we have been introduced to a number of organisations that are operating complex business websites which require sophisticated search engine optimisation (SEO) and content marketing management.

The development and growth of the B2B Marketing Laboratory’s SEO & PPC offerings has seen us build a team of search analysts and PPC specialists in the UK in order to provide expert website advice to businesses throughout Europe, including the UK, France, Spain, Germany, Greece and the Czech Republic.

We recognised, that in order to continue to expand our international business from our base in London, we needed to find a partner who could help us to provide support in North and South America. To this end we are now able to formally announce that we have signed a new partnership with Chicago-based SEO specialists Be Found Online – a well established BrightEdge software partner of more than five years. Working together will enable us to provide support to clients, who by their nature, are large enterprise scale global organisations.

We selected Be Found Online because, like us, they are a successful, rapidly growing company with a strong determination and drive. It was also clear from the outset that they are a great bunch of people with a similar style and shared values to the B2B Marketing Laboratory team in London. Be Found Online’s CEO, Steve Krull, is a kindred spirit who is a veteran of the Search market and prides himself on building relationships with enterprise brands across the US.

We are already working closely with Be Found Online, using common delivery models and shared support programmes, we will continue to provide search, PPC and website migration support along with a high level of customer service, to a variety of global enterprise businesses across a growing geographical reach.

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