After months of testing on both Android and iOS, Facebook owned photo sharing mobile application, Instagram has announced that users will now be able to switch accounts when using the app.

Why does this Instagram update matter?

Well, in December Instagram announced that they now have over 300 million people using its app every month; and with this the app is officially bigger than Twitter. 

This now means that 300 million people can now have an Instagram account for their pet…

No, really it does. But more importantly if you’re organisation hasn’t jumped on the Instagram bandwagon then perhaps it’s time to reconsider whether to do so. The app is moving closer and closer towards the advertising world, and now you can switch between your corporate account and your personal account in a couple of clicks. 

From a B2B perspective, having a business Instagram account isn’t going to transform your lead generation in a matter of a few weeks, but considering it has more users than Twitter it certainly shouldn’t be ignored. Not only this, but in a multi-channel communications strategy, imagery is a must and video should be possible. With 78% of Internet users conducting product research online, what better way to portray the personal touch behind your organisation than to provide an insight into your business through imagery?

HubSpot know a thing or two when it comes to which social channels to rock and they have over 29,000 followers who view images ranging from educational content, to employee takeovers to the latest swag around the office, they've set the benchmark for the rest of us - and you - to reach.

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