HubSpot Inbound18 - Day One from The B2B Marketing Lab on Vimeo.

Morning all from day one of INBOUND 2018 in Boston and welcome to our round-up of the goings on from yesterday's HubSpot partner day - featuring more orange than a headshot of President Donald "The Donald" Trump.

These days are always exciting for those of us in the Inbound Marketing community (don't judge us too harshly, we're really a fun bunch), but yesterday was genuinely exciting as we got a clear picture of the tools and integrations coming to you - via us - from HubSpot.

We can't give too much away at this point (those NDAs and all that), but the emergence of conversational marketing, better reporting (we love us some analytics in this game) and improved sales means (shameless plug alert) we're going to be able to bring some new services to clients in the coming months.

It's been said before that video marketing is the next big thing, but there aren't many around who know how to use it properly – yet! HubSpot are now making it much easier to implement video marketing into campaigns - without having to pay extra for an add on.

We can't wait to bring this service to clients when we have it optimised – we’ll experiment on ourselves first, not our clients.

Our content team got their nerd on via a talk on "utilising historical content optimisation", which is a fancy way of saying "using your older content better".

Creating content consistently is one of the biggest challenges that many marketers still face, and we help our clients overcome this and make the best use of their existing content - in whatever form it takes.

And, of course, it wouldn't be an Inbound Marketing conference without a bit of buzzword bingo.

By far the best addition to this list of words you'll never hear within the "real world" is "videoification" of marketing (a phrase we'll never repeat again).

Drop back tomorrow for a review of day one of the INBOUND conference.

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