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We’re always looking for ambitious businesses who understand the world is changing, and are driven to adapt and thrive. Take the next step and book a call with our team.

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HubSpot has announced a set of exciting product updates. We share everything you need to know about the updates, along with how HubSpot’s new features can benefit your business.

INBOUND 2022 is over. And it was one heck of a ride. Reflecting across-the-board shifts in buyer behaviours, this year’s event centred on the growing disconnection between businesses and their customers. 

While the event hosted thought leadership from figures as diverse as former president Barack Obama and Good American CEO Emma Grede, our highlight was learning about HubSpot’s new features and product updates. In HubSpot’s words, these updates will “help businesses create deeper, more meaningful connections with their customers.” We believe them. The new features are fantastic and are bound to have a huge impact on your business. Let’s explore a few of the updates we’re most excited about. 

Marketing Hub

Identify the moments that matter with Customer Journey Analytics

Know exactly where to focus your efforts with customer journey analytics that show you every customer engagement. This tool helps you understand what works and what doesn’t, so you can refine your sales and marketing strategies to drive conversions. 

Plan and deploy more effective marketing campaigns

A series of updates enable greater control over your marketing campaigns for better internal communication, campaign execution, reporting, and data capture and analysis. These include:

  • Enhanced communication through a new comment thread tool

  • The ability to view revenue and deal attribution from within a campaign

  • A tool that enables you to easily compare the performance of two or more campaigns 

Target, report and optimise ad spend with Ad Conversion Events

Face the death of third-party cookies without fear! By the end of 2022, HubSpot Marketing Hub users will be able to tap into the full extent of their first-party data with ad conversion events to deliver targeted ads across major platforms.

WhatsApp is now supported as a messaging channel

Now your teams can connect with prospects and customers using your Whatsapp business account, without leaving HubSpot — simply add it as a messaging channel in the shared inbox. Both business-initiated and contact-initiated messages and conversations will be stored on the contact record for easy access by the whole team. With an extraordinary penetration rate, as high as 98.9% in Brazil (and with several key markets above 80%), WhatsApp isn’t a channel you can afford to ignore. 

Sales Hub

Plan, track, and manage your performance with Custom Goals

Drive transparency and accountability across your business with custom goal setting. Now you can manage your performance easily, and set goals unique to your business — with updates reflecting on your progress bar, and automatic notifications when a goal is set, achieved, exceeded or missed. 

Close more business with upgraded deal management functionality

HubSpot is pumping up its forecasting and deal management functionality with improvements that include fiscal and deal stage forecasting, a new goals app, the ability to set and manage team goals, and integrated forecasting and deal management experiences.

Transact when and where you want, with Quote-to-Cash improvements

With native quoting capabilities built into the CRM, integrations with popular accounting software, and a new payment schedules tool — HubSpot now enables unprecedented flexibility and a streamlined process for all quote-to-cash transactions. 

As we were one of the first HubSpot partners to pioneer HubSpot Payments, this particular set of updates is near and dear to our hearts. 

Operations Hub

Turbocharge your insights, connect your product library to more apps, and safeguard the health of your data with new data sync features announced for Operations Hub. Updates include: 

  • Product Sync  — connect over a dozen key third-party apps directly to your HubSpot product library and seamlessly sync data between them. 

  • Sync Health is a new app setting that keeps track of integration health and helps you diagnose syncing issues quickly, so your data stays aligned and you stay fully informed. 

CRM customisation

With the latest round of updates, your CRM can now be even better personalised to suit your business processes and the needs of your team. Here are six new ways to customise your CRM:

  • Configure and optimise the right sidebar, by showing or hiding card sections, or showing only relevant cards to different teams.

  • Record new types of customer connection activity, with manual entry of new activity types and configurable buttons that let you reorder what appears in the record card. 

  • Personalise your board cards on all pipeline objects, and even display different properties on cards depending on which stage of the pipeline is in play. 

  • See critical information at-a-glance with a new records overview tab. Configure layout, which properties are displayed, and conditional logic to ensure different data is shown to different teams. 

  • Create custom cards for a custom tab if you need more space than what’s available through the new overview tab. Available on Service and Sales Hub Enterprise, you can now do everything from displaying statistics with market trends, to adding a button that triggers a HubSpot workflow. 

  • Deploy custom CRM cards in the middle panel of the HubSpot platform with a new CRM Card Builder Tool, or simplify the development of cards that display custom object data over other records.

Developer improvements

Build and test early development work with dev sandboxes

No more risky live updates or stifling innovation for fear of something going wrong — developers can now build and test proof of concept in an isolated environment before deploying them in a standard sandbox or production account. Available to Enterprise subscribers, development sandboxes simulate customer production accounts, with the same features and object definitions, so you can rest assured that anything that works in the sandbox will be carried over. 

Monitor how private apps function with a new debugging logging system

Apart from improvements to existing debugging features, developers can also better monitor how private apps function with a new CRM mid-panel card logging system. With details on every execution, users now have quick and comprehensive insight into potential causes of failure.

Foster deeper customer connections by implementing the latest HubSpot updates

Those are a lot of new tools and features — and it’s not even the full list! To see every change, check out all the HubSpot updates announced at INBOUND 2022

From customer journey analytics to advanced CRM customisation, these new HubSpot updates can create enormous business benefits. But unlocking these benefits can be tricky. After all, it takes resources to implement changes and train staff to use new features. 

Wondering how to best make use of HubSpot’s new updates?

As an Elite-tier HubSpot Solutions Partner, our team at Huble has helped hundreds of businesses to get the most out of HubSpot. Schedule a chat with one of our representatives to find out how you can take your CRM — and business — to the next level.

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