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We’re always looking for ambitious businesses who understand the world is changing, and are driven to adapt and thrive. Take the next step and book a call with our team.

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Since HubSpot was founded in June 2006, its Inbound Methodology has been at the heart of its re-education of the marketplace. The methodology has underpinned the change from outbound ‘shot in the dark’ cold calling to Marketing that is all about educating, informing and helping your audience, not interrupting or annoying them.

Well, now it’s sales’ turn.

HubSpot announces a new Inbound Sales Methodology.

What is Inbound Selling?

‘Inbound selling transforms selling to match the way people buy’.

The way that marketing has changed over the last decade has meant that sales has to change too. The general stereotype when the majority of people think about salespeople is that they are pushy, annoying, persistent and greedy. If this reminds you of your sales team, or even yourself, it’s time to start studying for HubSpot’s new certification.

Previously the importance of the salesperson in the buyer journey was down to the fact potential buyers couldn’t gain access to essential information unless they spoke to sales. However, times have changed; now the buyer has access to so much information about your organisation online that they can do a large amount of in-depth research before even speaking to you. Therefore they demand and expect something different; they want you to understand their needs and they want to determine if you are a good fit for them.

Download more information about why you should attend our classroom based HubSpot Sales Software Training.

So what’s different between the old salesperson and the new?

I am a legacy salesperson:

  • I’m unaware of which buyers are active in a buying journey

  • I use cold outreach; leading with a generic elevator pitch to qualify my potential leads on budget

  • I transition into presentation mode when a buyer expresses any sort of interest in my product or service

  • This presentation is the same every time to everyone and offers discounts to get buyers to purchase when I want them to purchase

I am an Inbound Salesperson:

  • I prioritise buyers that are active in a buying journey

  • I try to build trust by participating in the buyer’s online conversation; I lead with personalised messaging and advice based on buyer’s interests and needs

  • I transition into exploration mode when a buyer expresses interest

  • I personalise the presentation I’m giving to each buyer and adjust the sales process to the buyer’s timeline

What’s involved in the certification?

HubSpot’s new Inbound Sales methodology focuses on four main actions;

Identify, Connect, Explore and Advise. Each of these represents different approaches depending on where the visitors are within the buying cycle.

The methodology comprises five classes that you can watch on demand at your leisure:

  • Introduction to Inbound Sales

  • Prioritising Active Buyers over Passive Buyers

  • Earning the Attention of Today’s Empowered Buyer

  • Understanding Buyer Context

  • Delivering Personalised Presentations

Each of these classes has videos, worksheets, study guides and additional resources for you to study and learn, all surrounding HubSpot’s four main actions that Inbound Sales Teams must implement to ensure that qualified leads become opportunities and customers further down the line.

The Huble Digital provides HubSpot Sales training on how to use the tool as well as the CRM system. If you’d like to book a time slot to discuss any training requirements you have, or other enquires please click here.

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