We launched The B2B Marketing Lab back in 2012 - yes, 8 years ago. Since then, we’ve gone on to become the first HubSpot Diamond Partner in the UK, and now the first HubSpot Elite Partner in the UK. But we’ve got some even more exciting news...

As of 17 March 2020, we have merged with our good friends at MPULL, a HubSpot Diamond Solutions Partner, to create a brand-new international digital marketing consultancy: Huble Digital Limited. 


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This new business will provide HubSpot Elite Partner-level support from locations in London, Singapore, Germany & South Africa. With combined revenues in excess of $5 million and more than 80 full-time staff, our new brand is expected to create the largest international HubSpot Solutions Partner business headquartered in Europe.

In November 2019, you may remember that we announced a strategic partnership with MPULL. Our partnership has proved so amazingly successful (and we love the guys at MPULL so much) that we have accelerated the terms of our agreement and created a brand-new company.


So first of all, why did we create a partnership with MPULL?

Well, one of the great things about HubSpot is that you can build your core business around the tool. That is, marketing, sales and customer service.

Our customers require a similar relationship with the partners they use. They want to be able to rely on one partner who can provide the same technical expertise for strategy development, HubSpot CRM, web development, HubSpot onboarding, content creation and ongoing programme execution — irrespective of where they are located.

By partnering with MPULL, we're able to provide all of the above to all of our customers.

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Why merge the companies?

We've been working with the team at MPULL for over a year now on some technical and website development projects, and by bringing them into our business we gain an incredible amount of expertise. It'll also prove hugely beneficial to all parties by bringing the teams together.


HubSpot's CEO, Brian Halligan, commented:

“I want to congratulate The B2B Marketing Lab and MPULL on these exciting achievements. As separate companies, both of these partners have had such a positive impact on the customers they've supported. Together, they'll be able to take that support to the next level. This is great news for our partner community and our customers.”

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Huble Digital will be led by The B2B Marketing Lab’s, Founder & Chief Executive, Bob Dearsley,
who comments:

“Our customers demand the highest quality standards of service. They want to be able to rely on one Partner who can provide the same technical expertise for Strategy development, HubSpot CRM, web development, onboarding, content creation and ongoing programme execution irrespective of where they are located. A world-class customer service that will run to the same tried and tested methodology in any country of operation.”

Daryn Smith, Co-Founder of MPULL, who will become Chief Strategy Officer, explains:

“The scale of the new Huble Digital business extends our international reach and allows us to expand our full-stack digital consulting services for CRM, CX and technical integrations for both end customers and Partners.”


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