Email is horrible! It keeps us constantly connected, I personally open my eyes in the morning and immediately check my phone. It’s an addiction, did an awesome prospect come in overnight, or is there an escalation to deal with.

I’m not aware of a productivity guru that does not frown upon email. They say many bad things about it, like it makes us multitask, which means we are slow and do less deep work. It also lowers accountability, as employees believe they have passed responsibility once they’ve sent an email.

But how do you quit email? Can you imagine doing your job without it?

There is a world out there with vastly reduced email, and it doesn’t require switching everything to instant messaging and group chat platforms like Slack or What’s App!

The answer is in deploying applications for specific business processes and then creating a cadence or rhythm to use the applications.

The way to rid your company of email is to systematically work through the emails that are sent and received and then based on volume and importance start putting systems, processes and applications in place to replace the need for a particular email type.

For example, in our own consultancy. We used to use email to send a piece of work around to other people to collaborate. But now, the latest version is attached to a digital project plan and the next person that needs to work on it has an appointment in their calendar that when they open it, they get the latest version.

Another example, is many companies would use email for customer support. As a company scales this soon becomes unscalable and a help desk system is deployed and it creates tickets, and support agents only need to monitor the ticketing queue.

What is in your email, and what type of out-of-the-box or custom digital solution can you deploy to not only remove it from email, but provide a better and more efficient customer experience?

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